Thursday, February 17, 2011

One of these things is not like the other


Boot Camp instructor! 

Weight loss success story! 

Ice Cream addict?! 

Woah, double take! (double scoop if I had my way) 

Yes, it's SO true. I love ice cream. In and of itself, that is not a bad thing. 


When I take a "treat" and start to have it every night, when I start to NEED a snack, chocolate or ice cream EVERY night before bed, I am slipping into old habits. 

The past 2 weeks or so, I have been eating a cookie, ice cream treat, cone etc and using the excuse that if I am working out, it's ok. I'm not stress eating, I'm just enjoying it. It's not over eating, it's a single serving. ALL true, I am working out, not stress eating and am having a single serving. But this is not about those things or even whether or not I am maintaining, it is about continuing in my lifestyle change. 

When I spent countless time and HOURS and money and effort to count Weight Watchers points creating a NEW life, stepping into a habit like this one and using my activity as an excuse is not OK. 

It's not about maintaining weight, but maintaining my lifestyle. 
Its not about gaining a few pounds it's about gaining my power back. 
It's not about feeling fat, it's about feeling good about my choices

Do I really have a new life if I continue in my old ways? Did I really make a lifestyle change 6 years ago if I take a slip and make it a habit? It doesn't appear like I am out of my healthy lifestyle based on what you "see", but that isn't all there is. 

It's like saying that you love God, but you hate other people. You may LOOK like you love others, but at home at night, you trash talk, gossip or tear others down. Spiritual, physical and emotionally unhealthy habits don't always show on the outside, but can be ruining all the work you have done on the inside, or behind closed doors. 

If we REALLY have been changed by our faith, we will be the same person behind closed doors as we are in front of others. Does that mean we won't ever mess up? No. It means that we OWN it when we do. It means that we mess up, ask forgiveness and start over. 

So, I am coming clean and even as I type this, want to go to the co-op and get a Ben and Jerry's cone, but am NOT going to because it's not behind closed doors anymore, it's out there: Ice Cream is my kryptonite and I will not let it become a habit or breakdown the lifestyle change I made!! 

What habits are you breaking to move fully into OR fully back into your lifestyle change?

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