Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday night fun: Clothing swap!

Friday night! 

Last night was a fun and mellow girls night in! A few of us got together for a clothing swap and all around chatting about life and clothes and men. So much fun! We had pizza and salad, not THE healthiest things, but for a girls night? Please...we did great, we didn't even polish off a whole large pie!  

Everyone DUG right into the clothes though! There were all different sizes and shapes and styles. We had a great time talking about what to wear for what body shape and even color selection. If you have questions on what to wear like I do (straight hips, carrying weight in my middle!) check out Sally's blog at Already Pretty--she is a wonderful resource to use. After all, as we exercise, tone up, lose weight and change our lifestyles our bodies change too and we may need a little guidance on how to look best in our new shape!  

Alyssa wanted to wear all the accessories all at one time-- we weren't sure if that was the way to go or not, but it was fun to watch! 

 She found this SUPER cute top that compliments her shape AND matches her new purse, so that is a score! 

Nita snagged a bunch of cute stuff and we just had a great time assessing the goods on each other. No one seemed to know how to pull of this flower headband! SO cute, but not quite right on anyone... 

I ended up shopping in my OWN stuff I wanted to give away...I think this outfit is a total score, but the girls weren't quite sure. I snuck it back into my closet for a bright spring day anyway. I will let the month of May weigh in on how fabulous it is! 


The big donation pile! I LOVE doing clothing swaps, because everyone can have a chance to get a few new things in exchange for something they don't wear or that doesn't fit them! It's even cheaper than a thrift store and it's a great excuse to hang out, have pizza and play dress up! Being social and being productive!! 

Weekend Plans
I taught back to back kettle bell classes this morning and am looking forward to getting a run in this afternoon, a longer one, but slower pace. I have been tired lately, so I am going to just take it easy and enjoy! Tonight I am heading to a birthday party where people are going to dress up as celebrities! 
I think my sweetheart and I are going to try to be a celebrity couple, but which one? 

 J-Lo may require some extra padding....

VOTE and let me know which one you think we should tackle! 
Have a great weekend!! 

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