Monday, February 21, 2011

Butter and Biking

Happy Monday! It's been a whirlwind of a weekend--and I have some fun news! 
I got a new commuter bike! 

She is Sylvia the seven speed Bianchi and she was custom built by Brent at Recovery Bike Shop in Minneapolis! It's a great shop, it's where I bought my Trek road bike I never named.  

The weather has been so nice here in Minneapolis and the roads clearing a little that I thought I was in the clear to start bike commuting again after taking January off due to extreme cold and ice build up. Wrong! What was I thinking! We were SLAMMED with snow yesterday and I attempted to ride home in it! 

Wow, welcome back snow! 
My friend Jenna and I love to go out for breakfast and we went to the best little neighborhood coffee shop called Butter. and each had biscuits and gravy with an egg! There is nothing like having REAL food made from scratch!  I am not a big biscuits and gravy girl, but I had a craving for it! The biscuits were fluffy and falling apart and the whole ensemble steaming when it came out!  Delightful...

The winner was... 
The rest of the weekend was spent working & hitting up Jenna's Celebrity birthday party--we went as??? J-Lo and Marc Anthony! It was SO much fun! Caution, the pics are a little hot, hot, hot! My sweetheart as Marc Anthony is more handsome than the real thing! 

And yes, I added padding to the bootay. So did the birthday girl who was dressed as Jenny McCarthy! I have to say, I kind of liked having the more curvy derrière... it was fun and it was a nice reminder that you can be curvy and fit--the real J-Lo certainly is!!  

yes, padding, yes lots of it! 

Lower body workout! 
I hit the gym after work today again! I am loving the fact that I am telling myself that I am making TIME for my own fitness regardless. At least three times a week, I am weight training or running outside of the classes I teach! I am especially loving my lower body routine! 

Leg Press machine
Ab/Adductor machines
Contra-lateral one leg bends w/weight
Alternating Lunges w/weight
Step ups w/weight
Bench squats w/weight
goblet squats 
Bulgarian split squats and 
straight leg dead lifts

Do you bike year round even in the winter regardless of what that's like for you? Do you bike commute or just bike for fitness and fun?? 

Have a wonderful Monday! Make it GREAT! 

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