Thursday, February 24, 2011

Running in circles: non treadmill runs

TGIT: Thank God It's TODAY!!! 

Happy Thursday, I am busy today with a lot of great projects and a night of teaching and training! Go Thursday! 

My city is beautiful! I am sure you feel the same way about where you live! I love the culture, the arts, the night life, the restaurants, all the great events and the lakes and parks!! Minneapolis Rocks.  

We are here: 

But sometimes it looks like this on the street where I live: 

And this:  

After getting 17 inches of snow in less than 24 hours this past Sunday, running conditions in Minneapolis are a bit challenging, again. I don't dig the treadmill even for shorter runs, my knee's are never happy and I get dreadfully bored and anxious. Do you ever feel that way?  I feel like a little hamster on a wheel, and when I am done I always feel like I could have worked even harder! I do it sometimes but I am not a fan. 

Still want to feel energized about running indoors and in the winter?? 

Non treadmill "runs":
I feel like in the winter especially I am running in circles with my running! A few weeks in a row, it's great conditions--cold I can handle, but more than a few inches of snow makes it a huge challenge! I end up NOT running, but doing other things instead. 

Sprints in boot camp
killers in the gym
running stairs
water jogging
elliptical trainer
running with resistance bands
weighted exercises on your lower body
running track--most gyms have them!

Nothing can replace hammering out some decent milage on flat ground and in my preference, outside. But even getting it in on a treadmill is doable, barring any injury, severe boredom or a plateau. Try the  alternatives above one day a week and see if you aren't feeling more energized with your indoor running and improving till spring has sprung! 

How much snow do you have where you live? Have you tried things like water jogging or sprints instead of a treadmill run?

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