Friday, February 25, 2011

Drink your water!!

Happy Friday! 

I have such an exciting day ahead of me, I am working and writing this morning, doing some organization and documentation for my clients, networking with an amazing trainer this afternoon and am going to a video release party with my sweetheart tonight!

I moved my desk and computer, INTO my closet so that when I am not writing or working, I can close the doors and my bedroom is more of a sanctuary for me, I am loving it so far!! I am tossing out my "desk" chair and using my crazy flower chair at my desk and then moving it to use as a reading chair when I hide away my work station. 

This was a HUGE organizational / purging success, if you remember my closet from the Great Purge of 2009 it was OVERFLOWING. Yay me! 

Water intake

Thanks to my awesome reader Mimi and her suggestion, I have a new idea and great way to aim for my water intake! It's an area that I am working on improving and Mimi said that she uses this method with her daughter.  

Take your basic run of the mill hair bands, how ever many you want  and wear them on your wrist. Then each time you finish your water bottle, you move a band from your wrist to your bottle. Not only can you count how many you have drank, but you can aim for a certain number! I was really ambitious the first day I did it, but made three out of the five! 

I am excited for the possibility of today and looking forward to the weekend! Here's to a good new habit of water intake and a productive, enjoyable afternoon! 

What are your weekend plans?? 
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