Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yak Trax have arrived!

I am so excited! I received my Yak Trax in the mail from the contest I won over at My Life and Running!! 

They ROCK! I know I will get a chance to use them yet, because March is notoriously one of the snowiest months in Minnesota, so when they are christened I will let you know! 

 They also came with cool hand warmers, that I will put to good use, probably yet this week as I bike to work and back! 

Cake and Ice Cream: 
Tonight, after working at the gym, teaching and training, I will be enjoying this: 

6 Oz. Of Cake and Ice Cream, Ice Cream. IF I had my way, I would have a little bit of everything below, cuz today, today is my birthday! 

There is no crisis over here, no fear of the calendar turning over, no urge to buy something outlandish or drop everything to run off with the pool boy (there is no pool, no pool boy). This birthday is just like all the others--a time to just enjoy the moments in life that add up so quickly to form these precious days! As my sweetheart would say, to in-joy the day!

And actually, I don't feel defined by numbers. I never really have. The speed at my race, the number on the scale or the number on my drivers license, in my bank account, or the whatever number of car garage we have. Numbers can be fudged, changed, they can say one thing and mean another. I don't think my age defines who I am, I don't think it makes me old or young or a better athlete even if I have to register in a new age box to kick butt in a race.  

I DO believe that what WE do matter.  

Some people add to our lives, they bring joy and depth, they enlighten us, touch us, hold us up and love us. I know many people like that. 

Some people Subract from our lives, the energy suckers, the debby downers, the negative Nancy's!  Some of these same people divide, they come between you and your loves, your goals, your self esteem, but only if we let them. 

Some people multiply! Everywhere they go, good things spring up, people smile, the sun shines brighter. They inspire others to take action, to change their world, to create and everything they touch flourishes. I know people like this. I LOVE people like this. 

I want to be the one to add and multiply to others lives! I want to be the one that makes a difference, even if for a few friends or a few people! I will strive after this no matter WHAT age--there is no retirement from loving and serving others! 

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