Sunday, March 6, 2011

Biggest Loser: O'Neal Hampton on challenges & rewards

Season 9 of NBC's The Biggest Loser found Minnesota father and daughter team Sunshine and O'Neal Hampton facing a pop challenge which was a full 26.2 mile bike marathon on their first day at the ranch. 

Do you remember? I do!! 

They didn't make it through the bike marathon and were in a limo heading home with no chance to be on the show.  All of a sudden, they are told that they can come back in 30 days for a weigh in and a chance to come back to the ranch! 

So began the turning point of O'Neal Hampton, weight loss success story and co-founder of Fitness North, live in weight loss retreat & fitness ranch in Northern Minnesota. He came back to the BL ranch and overcame dibilitating knee pain to lose over 170 pounds! Today, he travels the country speaking about obesity and started his own ranch to help others make the connection between their head & heart and get healthy. 

Lucky for me, he ALSO came down to Minneapolis this weekend to speak at 
the Body, Mind, Life Expo! 

He was a wonderful man! I was beaming that he took the time to talk to me about his journey, my own journey, personal training and even my visiting the facility, Fitness North, this summer. 

He was speaking that afternoon on Changing your Life. One of my best loved subjects! My favorite part of his talk was about the rear view mirror in life:

Never live your life looking in the rear view mirror or you'll get in an accident. It does have a purpose: to see what's behind you, to see where you have been & to see where you don't want to go again. Leave the past in the past. 

O'Neal showing off his old pants! 

He spoke to us for about 45 minutes and did a short Q & A session. There were even 3 women in the audience that went through his program at Fitness North--one who lost 100 pounds! O'Neal's vision is truly making an impact on others! 

Before his presentation, he was kind enough to talk with me and do a quick Vlog to share what his biggest challenge and biggest reward has been on his journey. Have a listen:

Thanks to O'Neal & to Fitness North for putting on a great
presentation and for taking the time to talk with me and share a part of your success story!
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