Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday fun & calories

Happy Monday! How are my favorite people? Did you have a good weekend? 

Did you get out and enjoy it?? Please say you did! I went out this weekend for my birthday. PIZZA and Dancing! Oh, it was like I was 25 again!! 

The birthday dancing outfit was complete with my jade necklace from hong kong. I am getting the hang of looking my BEST in what I wear, as a matter of fact, very soon, I will be taking part in consultation to help me  look and feel my best, it's part of my birthday gift from my sweetheart. It will be a FUN blog post!

Thanks to Alyssa for bringing cupcakes out!! 

Out for pizza at Punch Neapolitan Pizza! Where they add extra tomatoes and olive oil so it's a "wet" pizza or Neo style! 

Then we went dancing! Which means burning off that pizza and those cupcakes! (mine was split with my sweetheart!) It was a really crowded club, and I don't go out dancing very often, but we were out for about 2 hours! It was a good night and we ALL had fun... 

Speaking of Calories: 
I have been doing really well with tracking calories. Last week I tracked Wed-Friday and didn't much worry about it over the weekend, but this morning I am back at it. 

I am using My Fitness Pal to see what I am eating and how much I am taking in! It was a bit of a challenge to meet my caloric intake the first day. But the number of calories I put into my fitness pal was for a loss of 5lbs, not my maintaining number. It was still a stretch, but it's just proof I need to up my healthy snacking.  Bottom line: I need to eat more of nutrient rich foods to get the fuel I need.  

Over all I love the set up of the site, it will calculate the number of calories you burn exercising too and add those in for you to consume throughout your day! The set up is wonderful, you can add full meals that you eat often, favorite foods, you can pick from foods you ate previously and they seem to have every brand name and item under the sun. We will see how this week goes as I will be tracking 5 full days and playing with it a little more!! 

What did you do this weekend to burn pesky calories?? Dance? Walk? Skate? Lets hear it! 

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