Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Volunteering and racing

Happy Tuesday, hope you guys are having a WONDERFUL WEEK! What is ONE thing that is really going your way today? Pop in the comments and share!

This is my little short and sweet post this week! I ALMOST forgot to show you, I got a finishers certificate in the mail from my Honolulu Marathon, my first marathon and only so far! I actually got it IN the mail on my birthday. It was a great surprise!  

Speaking of races and running, you may notice that I haven't done a race since Honolulu. Why is that? Is it the cold? No, I run in the cold. Is it the snow? Well, I dislike it, but I have run in snow before. Is it the green? What green? There's no grass, no leaves...oh, right! Cash. 

Yep. I have been having a hard time mentally forking over cash to run races shorter than a trip around the lakes and with a tee that I won't wear and don't need. I love doing races, I really do and when the swag is nice, it's nice. But lately it's not been a priority for me, there are more important things that green can go to. It's not that I can't pay, I just am re-designating that money right now. 

BUT I LOVE Being involved...so I volunteered for an upcoming race! I will be working the finish line at Team Ortho's Get Lucky 7k! They have a wonderful program for volunteers where you can earn "bones" for volunteering! Usually a 4-5 hour volnuteer slot at a race equals a race entry, OR you can use it for race swag as well! 

Even  if I utilize this only twice a year, it will allow me to give back, encourage others as they run and cross that finish line AND be able to take part in a few of the events. I was SO thrilled to learn about it and so excited to be able to take part! I will give a FULL recap of the race day volunteering as bloggy friends and others running in the 7k! 

Do you utilize incentive programs from local running/ racing organizations?? Do you volunteer for races and enjoy watching others finish their course? 

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