Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anniversary and Gym Etiquette

I was going to do a wordless Wednesday, but alas, who is EVER out of words? Not me. Well, not today. 

First of all: 
Happy Birthday to My Dad!! 
We get younger and better looking as time goes's in the genes! 

SO, this is an old picture, how can you tell? Miss Mary is nearly at her highest weight. But this was right around the time when I started my journey to and changed my habits! 

Almost forgotten Anniversary: 
Sunday was an anniversary for me--March 6th, 2010 I tested out and became a Personal Trainer! I went from being at my highest weight ever (above), from being a smoker: 

Over drinker and over eater, to a life time Weight Watchers member, Certified Personal Trainer, Marathoner, Kettle Bell instructor and boot camp instructor! 

This was me on my LAST day of my corporate career(March 19th 2010)--happily heading into the unknown that was ahead and what a RIDE it's been!! 

Leaving work for the last time, heading off into the wide world of fitness! 

THRILLED to be a new trainer and to be used for a greater purpose, for what I was intended to be used for: helping others, encouraging, shedding light on the hope that lies within and their strength they have yet to discover! 

I just wanted to give props to my family and the people who supported me along the way as I lept, with my little plan and a TON of faith that this would work. And it has. SO, thank you everyone, thank you Lord, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! 

Honolulu Marathon Finisher and HI love... 

We are all in this together ya know. We show up after a long day at work or at home with the kids, a long day on the phone or on the road and all we want to do is sweat out the stress. Turn on our tunes and just JAM on that treadmill or in that Turbo Kick class! Along with all the other 3000 members of your local gym. 

It's a give and take at the gym, we all have to be on our best behavior. There are real rules: 
wear shoes
don't run or yell
Walk or run one way on the track
no cursing
sign up for a machine
obey the time limits etc... 

But there are unspoken rules to, there are rules that are courtesies we extend to each other for the love of the workout...but not always. I asked my tweeps to post their biggest gym etiquette tip and they had some great ones: 

Put away your weights
Wipe off your machine
Watch the scented personal products
Don't STARE at people (good one)

AND more...

Allow people to rotate in while using equipment between sets
Don't hog a machine if you aren't using it
Don't talk to people who are listening to their music or are in the zone
Don't sing out loud
Don't talk on your cell phone to your baby mama
Watch how close and friendly you are in the locker room
Use that towel! 
Clean up after yourself-throw away that rag, recycle the empty bottle and ALWAYS
Thank the trainers, front desk staff and employees who help you... 

What is YOUR biggest tip on being the best gym member you can? 

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