Thursday, March 10, 2011

FitBloggin 2011

I am sure you all know about FitBloggin and I am sure that some of you are going! My friend Jen who writes over at Prior Fat girl is speaking along with a host of other amazing bloggers and success stories! 

FitBloggin is giving away 5 tickets to their May event in Baltimore! It would be a wonderful opportunity to take blogging to the next level regardless of where you are. It would also be a great networking event for fitness enthusiasts, people on a weight loss journey, writers and online friends to meet in real life!  Just tell them what you want to learn most from the event and all there is to chose from and you could be chosen to go! 


  • I would love to learn more about taking blogging to the next level in moving from hobby to professional, there are so many aspects of that I would love to dig into and have some mentoring on! 
  •  Along with that is building an online community which is a powerful thing  when using social media sites. Still tips on engagement and creating that community feel would be a wonderful help. 
  • Lastly (something I am working on now anyway) is branding, or rather re-branding and changing up the site for a slightly different feel and focus while still keeping my personal touch. You don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but sometimes things evolve and call for a new look, feel and focus. 

Thanks FitBloggin! I look forward to going and to learning all I can from the great group of presenters you have lined a little vacay would be superb. 

Vlog: How did I gain my weight?

How did YOU?
Not overnight. 
Not on puropose. 
Not beacuase of one thing that happened. 

Chances are you gained just like everyone else, little by little. But WHY? Watch the vlog love.... 

AM I hungry test? 

Drink a glass of water and wait 15 min. Are you still hungry or.... 

Are you bored? 
Are you sad?
Are you mad? 
Are you stressed? 
Do you feel out of control? 
Do you feel lonely?
Do you feel empty? 
Do you feel anxious? 

If you said yes, then don't eat! Get up, go for a walk, call a friend, say what is bothering you out loud, own it and take your power back. Eat when you are hungry, be present to all the other emotions that mask themselves as hunger, honor them for what they really are and move forward.  

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