Monday, March 14, 2011

Marathon Announcement & Run4Christchurch

I am SO happy to announce I am running my second marathon! 

When I crossed the finish line at the Honolulu Marathon the first thought that crossed my mind was "That's it?" I wanted to do another, I wanted more. Well, now I am getting it! I am signed up for the Med City Marathon in Rochester, Minnesota! 

I am from right outside Rochester and the Marathon course actually runs from the town I went to grade school in (Byron) all the way into downtown Rochester home of the world famous Mayo Clinic. It's going to be a meaningful course from my roots of the town I grew up in, to Rochester where I spent my teens and all as a second time Marathoner which is my present and my future!! 

I am doing a 12 week training program and am going to be focusing on my mid week runs--getting ALL my runs, tempo, speed work and in addition focusing on my nutrition so that I can really excel at this race and  (fingers crossed) beat my Honolulu PR.  I will be eating for fueling like these recipes from Runners World and am hoping to enlist the help of a nutritionist as well to really get the best tips for eating to reach my goal! 

I am excited for this race and just put THREE more on my list of upcoming races off to the right. Two of which are FREE with my Minnesota Distance Running Association membership (thanks DAD!) and the Challenge Obesity 5k which is a blogger favorite! 

Minneapolis bloggers, runners and friends joined in a virtual 5k to raise awareness/money for the people of Christchurch, New Zealand in the wake of the earthquake. It was a great group of folks that met up on Saturday afternoon wearing red and black in honor of the NZ event. You can donate online for relief efforts HERE

Yep, that's me on the right in black and pink. Apparently I don't own much red, I am not surprised, but I did my best! It was a nice brisk run, about 20 degrees when we went and Steve  from Steve in a Speedo ( a Triathlete you MUST follow) mapped out a nearly exact 5k loop on the river front. 

Thanks Steve for organizing this for Minneapolis at the urging of some of his NZ blogging friends so we could take part as well! Check out his blog for a full recap! 

MOVIE weekend:
Wow, I saw TWO movies this weekend! 

127 Hours and 
The Fighter 

Both were good and it is always fun to go out! Dad and I saw the fighter and we had theater popcorn! I love it! 

We were celebrating our birthdays a little late, but it was a great afternoon! The Fighter was good. Mark Wahlberg plays a boxer who overcomes trials in life, along with his family and their trials/ stories. It's inspiring and funny, but a little rough with a lot of language, drug use and hard scenes to watch.

I saw 127 hours with my sweetheart on Friday night and that on the other hand was phenomenal! It was intense, heroic, beautiful and brought a very inspiring message to us about how we CHOSE to see ourselves moving through life: are we victims or do we chose everything we encounter in one way or another. I urge you to see it! 

What movie have you watched lately that you LOVED?
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