Saturday, March 19, 2011

What do you believe?

A sighting of the rare weekend post. 

Tell me, what do you believe? 
Do you believe you can do ANYTHING? 
Go any distance, overcome any goal, be the person you most want to be? 

If you said no, tell me why? Or tell yourself outloud where you sit. If you don't know why you answered the way you did ask yourself and ponder it. 

Do you think you are lacking things you need to be your best person? To attain your goals? Think again, everything you need is already within your self--EVEN if that anything is asking for assistance, direction or materials from others. 

Connections: can be made
Tools: can be attained
Skill: can be learned
Action: can be taken
Knowledge: can be mastered

Why does attaining your goal, going the distance and being the person you most want to be in life have to be a single lane highway? 

Why try and go it alone when you can recruit everyone and everything at your disposal to be on your team and help you get to your destination!! 

 We can work hard yes, find favor with others who want to support us up and use the tools around us to bridge gaps. 

But if what is holding you back is within yourself and you haven't taken the time to pinpoint it, to name it and to own it, try that first and remove whatever roadblocks you can on your way...

So tell me... what do you believe??   

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