Monday, March 21, 2011

A winner & wellness coaching

 Happy Monday! Hope your weekend was fantastic! I had a wonderful time volunteering at the race this weekend and will post a full recap soon, if you have a St. Patrick's Day race pic, send it over and I will include it with a link to your site or blog! 

Since you have been waiting since Friday, I won't make you wait any longer: the winner of the Home Run Inn Pizza Giveaway is... 

Congrats!! Please send an email to Mary at Fit this girl dot com with your mailing address! 


I am excited to say that this week, I start my certification for wellness coaching! It is something that I am very passionate about and do already in my work. 

We all know that there are many facets to what we do and how we walk through this life. Our spirit, soul and body are connected at the core of everything and when one of these is out of alignment, they all are off kilter. 

It's been a huge part of my own journey to look at my path as a whole and work on area's other than just eating right and losing weight. It's what I call peeling the onion (post to come this week). 

I am going to be adding a official Wellness Coach title to my name and should be finished entirely with my program in about 6 months! I can't wait to jump in to the work and offer it to my training clients officially as many of them are getting a dose anyway. 

Wellness Coaching for me is all about partnering with people and helping them realize and achieve their goals, make lasting lifestyle changes, growing personally and feeling empowered in their life!  

When I took my Strengths Finder test, these attributes really shone as strengths and I was already feeling a pull in that direction. Combining Wellness coaching with training is such a natural fit and I am a natural people person and problem solver-- it's just more confirmation of moving in the right direction! 

I can't wait!! 

What is one thing you did this weekend to cultivate your own wellness? 

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