Thursday, March 24, 2011

Three things Thursday

Thursdays are like my Friday's but this week Friday is my Friday! Wha?? I know. The world in which I live.  Hope your week is turning out to be a GREAT one!! Who has GREAT news to share?? Someone does, tell me one thing that is going your way this week!

1) Changing your world can be one small step!! COMMIT to 30 min of activity, CALL someone and be upfront instead of emailing, COMPLIMENT someone genuinely for no good reason. Change your world and change yourself step by step! It's like that chinese saying goes: "Little by little one walks far." 

2) Some people worry that the older I get I will run out, some people say they are bad for you, some people use only half... me? I can't get ENOUGH. 

Eggs. Yes, Let's hear it for EGGS!! How do you make yours? Do you egg out breakfast, lunch and dinner like I do on some days? Thank goodness Easter is on the way, I can mask the obsession with pastels and fake rabbit ears a little while. 

3) I LOVE Kettlebells. LOVE them. I have two sets at home, but they are not nearly heavy enough. I need an 18lb and a 30lb at least for most of what I want to do with them, but I work with what I have! 

I like Kettle Bells because of the way swinging them engages your muscles differently. Since the center of gravity extends down beyond the handle into the bell, you use and engages the entire body at once to control the movements of the bell. Swinging, chopping, cleans, snatches are all exercises that produce a great cardio output,  develop strength and increase endurance. Plus they make your core ROCK hard.  

Can't wait to talk tomorrow about my race on Saturday!!  
What are you doing this weekend?
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