Friday, March 25, 2011

MDRA 7 mile & Color Analysis

HAPPY Friday night!!

This week has been one where I really am present to God's timing in a BIG way. I know that he is in control always, but some days it seems like he is far from me, like I can't sense his presence. BUT I know he is always there.

My mother tells me that a teacher will hold the students hand as they study and  learn the material, they will coach and guide but when the test comes, they sit back in silence and let the student demonstrate what they have learned. Not always, but often that is the case and it's always nice to come through those tests, look to the teacher and see "YEP, He was there the whole time. " It was that kind of week: pieces fell into place, I stood my ground, God's timing was perfect and everything feels good even if it isn't perfect.
Tomorrow morning I am running my first race as a MDRA ( Minnesota Distance Running Association) member! The MDRA 7 mile!  

I am excited, I haven't raced since my Honolulu Marathon so I am really looking forward to it! Plus it will be nice to take part in an MDRA race as a member. I am not shooting for a time goal exactly, but if I can run 9 min miles for the whole thing, I will be happy.  

Color Analysis 101!

You ALL know that I am a little challenged with my fashion. Not always, but often I wear things where the color isn't the best for me (aside from the attraction to sequins, ruffles, sparkles and shimmers--anything a 10 year old would dig).

I loove me some sparkles!
WELL... I am SO happy because tomorrow I am getting a professional color analysis, wardrobe consultation and shopping trip for new additions to my closet as my BIRTHDAY Gift from my sweetheart!!  Such a unique, wonderfully thought out and personalized gift from a unique and wonderful man.

He really is the cream in my coffee...

His mother is a color consultant and she is coming to my house, looking through my wardrobe and helping me pick the perfect items and weed out the ones that are BLAH with my complexion! THEN we are going shopping as part of the gift and getting a few new choice items to add back in. What a WONDERFUL gift. It's not simply buying me an outfit, it's really providing a means for me to look and feel my best which means SO much more than just a new dress.

Le Sigh. I. am. the lucky one.

BUT, the chaps STAY!! LOL! As I was taking a quick inventory making sure all my everyday clothes were clean and hung up, I found my leather, fringed chaps. Pretty HOTT huh?
Now all I need is the motorcycle and I am set.

Do you know if you are an autumn, winter, spring or summer? Know what color fits best with your eyes? I will do a FULL recap with a little video even of all the work we do and the new clothes!

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