Monday, March 28, 2011

Up to tempo & a weekend of NEWness!

Monday... the second day of the week technically! Anyone else out there like looking at it that way and reminding themselves that SUNDAY is really the start to a new week--take the power away from a manic Monday and ENJOY it!! I know I will be... 

This weekend was FULL of fun! Saturday morning I had my race (recap SOON!) and my color analysis which went great! (FULL recap once I am through with the reorg of what is left!) After the analysis and working on changing the way I saw colors, we purged 47 items from my closet--scarfs & belts included--3 shoes not included in that overall number! 

It was AT LEAST 1/3 of my closet--AGAIN! 

But what I found as we sorted away and saw the donate pile grow was 1) I wasn't actively WEARING more than a  few pieces in that pile. Which means I didn't like how they fit or look and probably means subconsciously I knew it didn't look right and it made me dislike it.  

2) As the pile grew, I saw it all had a very yellow hue to it, which is for "summer" people and it makes me look sallow, washed out and sick. I am impressed I started to pick up on these things right away. ME= stay away from muted colors, yellow undertones, GO for bold colors with blue bases. More later... 

I tried a new part in my hair too: from the side sweeping over. Two reasons: 1) I feel I have a big forehead which can make my face "hard" and this softens it. 2) Black is a good color for me, so bringing my hair and my clothing closer will achieve the same purpose as wearing my right colors: it will compliment my complexion.  

What do you think?

Where do you part and WHY? 

I got a new bed! Here is my old mattress: it's quite broken down! I have had it almost 7 years and I bought it used. It's seen better days. AND it's getting a little too squishy/springy to feel supportive. 

To make a short story shorter, a neighbor got stuck with a brand NEW mattress when a friend purchased it and moved across country. She came to me asking about storage or tossing it and then offered it to me... pretty white, FIRM, new bed. God is SO good! So is my neighbor girl, but it was His timing!  


I had a Great tempo run on Friday of last week--I used to dread them, but now I love them. I drink in the challenge! My Tempo is an easy loop--1 mile to the lake, a fast 2.97 around and easy 1 mile home. 

The idea is to push your body to a comfortably challenged pace and hold it there for a set amount of time or distance in the middle of your run. This will cause your muscles to fatigue rapidly which is called a lactate threshold. (the intensity where lactic acid starts to release into the blood stream) If you work out at or near that, you will raise your threshold and run faster. 

Go Runkeeper, I LOVE this FREE app!! 

Tempo runs are recommended twice a week! (yeowza!)

Runners World Magazine says, "Runners tackling longer distances should do longer tempo runs during their peak training weeks: four to six miles for the 10-K, six to eight for the half-marathon, and eight to 10 for 26.2." For a 5k race 20 min in the middle of your run should suffice! It is hailed as the single most effective way to increase your speed no matter what your race and that is hard to argue with.

I busted out my Marathon necklace so I was feeling speedy and even the SHORTS. My tempo run distance was a little short for the training I am doing, but it's still good hard work! 

LUCKILY HOT pink is in my color pallet or I would be missing a great deal of my clothes and accessories and my beloved pink fanny pack, my run partner!! The tempo was good, I FELT like I was much faster than I was in the middle, but I was a little low on water intake and working hard against that feeling. Overall not to shabby... 

How long are your tempo runs? Do you faithfully stick to the 4 Vital Runs when in training mode? 
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