Friday, April 1, 2011

MDRA 7 mile Race recap

What a great a busy week! 

I had a wonderful time with a client on Thursday night. She is very determined to lose weight and do it the right way! We bonded right away, are similar and really enjoy talking! Well during our session last night she said these two things: "I kind of hate you right now" and "This exercise makes me want to cry." Wow. My heart was warmed... :)  I feel like a successful personal trainer. The icing on the cake was we spent 30 minutes after her session talking about mindfulness, the power of our words and how our choices in life can really DRIVE our DIRECTION! Such a great time... 


Also a great time was last weekends MDRA 7 Mile race, can you believe It's taken me THIS long to do the recap? I will tell you, it may have been sunny and clear, but 27 degree's was chilly when I have been anticipating spring for a month! 

104 runners took off from a church parking lot in Hopkin's Minnesota to run the MDRA 7 mile--it was my FIRST race as a Minnesota Distance Running Association member! (thanks Dad!)

There were Hills.
Not messing around, long hills. 
I eat hills like this for breakfast. 

I really do love running up hills, I focus on my form, pump my arms, keep my chin and chest lifted, but lean into the hill and power up. I actually like to run hills, facing the challenge ahead of me and coming over the top and feeling like a champ! 

I also like passing people. 
Not just "boys" like my headband says "Some girls chase boys, I pass 'em." 
But I like picking a person ahead of me to catch up with. 

As I was running this race I kept looking at a few people a head of me, all of which I caught but one (I will get you next time guy in gray shorts!). During this race, when I would pick someone to chase down, I kept thinking:

 I am not passing you because I am better than you, but because I am better than myself. 

I am going to be better than I was yesterday. 
I am faster than I was yesterday. 
I am stronger than I was yesterday. 
I have more determination than yesterday and will have even more tomorrow. 

I ran in my OLD glasses...I feel like a creepy wizard. Ugh. 
Post race cookie= winning!

I am SO grateful for the Hour Car, a car share program I take part in--when I need a car, I reserve one for $6.00 an hour and mileage! It's SO helpful to have for big grocery store trips, emergencies, moving big items and going to free races in the suburbs. 
Their motto is : KICK GAS because they are all hybrid cars. SO. Cool. 

During the race, I chomped on Power Bar Energy Gel blasts!

OVERALL I came in 62 out of 104, so I felt really good about the race. I felt strong the whole time and the course was the perfect blend of beautiful and challenging. I felt good about my splits also (Thanks to RunKeeper!) and feel good when I see those negative splits! 

Friday is a FUN day for me, I have a work meeting in the morning, then it's off to the Mall of America to see a man living in a big glass post on the way! Then, home to write and Friday night date night with my sweetest of sweethearts. :) 

What is your Fab Friday looking like? Doing something fun? 

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