Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mile repeats: an afternoon outside!

Hello out there! I hope you guys are lovin' life and keeping yourself MOVIN' forward! 

I ran some mile repeats this afternoon and am pretty happy with the times! 

Doing workouts like these, tempo runs and any kind of speed work, sprints or plyo's makes such a vast difference in how I feel and how I perform in any race distance. 

It was a quick 4 miles, I had to get home for a conference call. Still I always run out of gas on my last mile, there is something about that knowing I am on my last leg and done where I feel I can let it slide a little. Shame! :)

7:45 mile 1
7:33 mile 2
7:42 mile 3 
8:32 mile 4

I ran in a tank AND shorts, Mn was nearly 70 degrees today! 

I came in, had a 2 hour conference call for training as I work toward my Intrinsic Coaching certification! It's a bit of a challenge to sit in on a conference call, be present and really concentrate and take part when I am at home! No writing, FBing, no cleaning or cooking...oof. 

It's a challenge that is well worth it though, the training is really helping me understand how to coach others toward their best thinking and toward an understanding of how to change our thinking for good and find workable solutions to problems and paths to goals!  

I said I was going to do it and I DID! Rooftop Yoga is BACK! 

The mandatory cheesy pose AND 
a downward dog pose. 


I don't know a huge amount of yoga poses, but I know enough to get a good 25-30 min of stretching and moving through poses. It was SO nice outside on the rooftop deck and a nice away to take 30 minutes to just unwind and feel good.  

I refueled after my active afternoon outside with an organic Matthews Burrito and fresh Pico de Gallo! Then it was off to work to teach and train. 

How has the weather been where you are?? It's be wonderful here... I can't wait for more of it! 

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