Friday, April 15, 2011

Color Analysis & Wardrobe Pt. 1

 Happy Friday! Today I am heading to work to workout and teach a free Kettle bell class! AND I am going to get an upper body workout in for myself, run and visit my Mom. A full weekend!

 Color Analysis: Pt. 1
I did not know what to expect when I "got my colors done" two weeks ago! I was nervous and KNEW that there were many things with in the scope of what I was wearing and purchasing that were going to be wrong for me. I didn't need a professional to tell me that, I needed them to help me SEE what those things were and help train my eye on what I should wear. 

I am a Winter: 
Which means I should be wearing blue tones & cool tones, not warm tones. My hair and eye color tend to contrast with my skin tone, so wearing more intense colors suits me--go figure! Many of my favorite shirts are bright pinks and bright blues and I have quite a few, but there were many problem pieces and I had to start with seeing why: 

Yellows, greens, browns make me Look sallow, tired and sick:

No, I am not going to barf on you, yes, I look like I got punched, but its the olive color I am wearing. Blues and greens are the hardest for me to see, but this picture really shows how the wrong color can make you look less than your best.
My analyst, which is my sweethearts Mom, Dottie, came armed with an arsenal of "swatches" to drape over me in natural light. We had a ton of fun with it, but It was a challenge for me to "see" what these different colors were doing for me.

Jeweled tone colors make my skin and hair brighter and will draw out a little more color in my cheeks: this deeper, blue based green is better: 

Bright blue, what my color analyst called Chinese turquoise is certainly my color.  

My ANCHOR color? 
REALLY? It's so...surly! 
I am such a sunny person, but what black does for me is make my hair blacker, my skin clearer and makes everything else I am wearing (blues, clears, jewels) POP and seem more intense which is what a winter with skin like mine wants. So, bring on the black.   
Swatch crazy, a little chocolate was involved too...

Dottie had a great book along with her, which I would recommend to anyone, and it's not just for an older generation--we all want to look younger! If I can take 5-10 years off by wearing the right colors, why NOT! I just want to make sure I don't look "young", sophisticated, but youthful.

My must wears: 
  • Cool tones
  • blue tones
  • jewel tones 
  • small prints
  • fabric with a sheen or shimmer
  • silver accessories
  • small belts
  • smokey eye shadows
  • rose or red hue lipstick
  • bright colors, clear colors 
  • shirts, scarves, jewelry that flow and elongate--anything I tie mid trunk or at my waist creates a break and makes me look shorter! 
It's especially important to wear your right color near your face--you always want to draw the attention up toward your face so that is the first thing people notice! Dottie was an art major too, so had a ton of great advice based on what colors draw the eye where!

When you pass someone on the street, ask yourself--"what is the first thing I saw, HER or her dress? Which would you have people see first? YOU want people to notice YOU, not your dress.Right.

Also, when looking at a piece of clothing, ask yourself this: "what color do I see first?" If that color is in your palette, then it's a good piece for you! 

We pulled my WHOLE  closet apart and went through it piece by piece based on color and I got some advice on how to wear borderline pieces to make them work for me!

The first round I got rid of: The whole pile was pale, yellowy hued and I was surprised at how EASY it was to let these pieces go--why?? The clothes I LOVED and wore the most were the ones staying in my closet--chances are I wore them most and loved them because they worked for me and without even knowing it, I felt more confident and comfortable in them because of it. Funny how our mind works.

I literally got a palette from Dottie to carry with me when I shop and compare colors! 
At first I thought it would be limiting for me when shopping, but after that first afternoon, I could see that really it opened shopping up and made things so easy. I just had to scan the stores for my colors and everything else I could steer clear of. Easy!  

This shirt and silver necklace combo is a perfect example of colors in my palette, using silver the right way and a shirt that has a satin sheen to it. All of it perfect, but the pattern is a little large for my small frame! No worries, I am learning as I go, but this one I bought independently of Dottie--my first purchase on my own! 

Part TWO next week on the shopping outing, what I brought home MORE of what I unloaded and a little fun when we were done!

Do you know your season or what colors to wear? 

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