Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Recap: Expectacy

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Welcome to Tuesday--already!

Whew! What a weekend!  I spent the weekend with my Mom doing a lot of church stuff--there were special speakers all weekend. It was a great weekend of enjoying her company, being centered and I learned SO much! 

The speakers were Jerry and Carolyn Savelle and each spoke on hearing God and living in the fullness of God--just exactly what the Dr. ordered for me! 

All dressed up at Church! 

Mom and I also watched a 1942 Cary Grant movie called Talk of the Town, it was SO good. I tell ya, if I didn't already have a leading man in my life, Cary would be IT. 

I was VERY excited to have brought home a number of outfits that were NEW from my color analysis! Even on my days off, I spend so much time in workout clothes, it's a real treat to be able to dress up! Here are two: 


Not only were there special speakers to enjoy this weekend, but the whole weekend was special. I learned a lot, gained some new insight into God's love for me and garnered some renewed hope in his plan for my life. 

I am moving in a few wonderful directions, not really new (one of them is new) and am really excited about the road ahead--I was reminded to expect GOOD things. I was reminded to be looking for blessings. I was reminded to live everyday, knowing God loves me and is searching for ways to bless me. Expectancy. 

What do YOU expect? Do you expect your job to be the same day in and day out? Do you expect not to be able to lift that much or run that fast or that far? Do you expect people to continue to treat you poorly? What are you LOOKING FOR? 

Today, do NOT notice people wearing red. What ever you do, don't see people in red, anywhere. Chances are you will see it everywhere. Why? Because I put it in your head. 

Now, go into work expecting your boss to praise you, your co-workers to go out of their way for you. Go to the gym expecting a great workout, a free machine, a spot in your favorite class. Pick up your project at home expecting to work out the kinks, get it done fast and find the answers you need... Soon, you will see that expectancy lends itself to manifestation. 

So, I am living in expectancy this week, this month, THIS YEAR! Good things are all around me and amazing opportunities are coming into my day to day routine, already this week, I have noticed a marked change because of it.  

If you are open and expecting good things, you will be ready to see and seize the opportunity to CREATE good when it comes by. 

Keep your eyes open, sometimes the opportunities are disguised and sometimes they are only a few moments long. Amazing things will happen to you. 

Live in Expectancy !! 

So true, thanks Conan! and thanks Bits of Truth!

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