Sunday, April 24, 2011

The catch all post

First, congrats to Congrats to Jeanne at as she won the Gym Boss Interval Trainer! Way to go Jeanne--you should get it this week! 


So, I have been quiet on the blog and on twitter this past week. There are a few reasons, the first is work, the second is my lack of running and the third, a little rain fell in my life. 

I work as a resident manager at my apartment building and it was a very busy past week. I show apartments, schedule vendors, do the leasing and handle tenant concerns and filter requests. Spring has been BUSY, but that is good, I filled a ton of vacancy in the past 2 months.  This is what I do from home, in addition to my training I do at "work" and the training I do on my own, with my personal clients. I am working on getting a more set schedule in place, so that I am not working sporatic hours from 7 am to 10 pm. I need a hunk of time for myself.  

Training dilemma
Speaking of training, I have been neglecting my training. I will decide this week, if I am indeed going to do my end of May marathon. I may swap out distances if I can, but it's in 6 weeks and I don't know if I can salvage my training. With 2+ jobs,  and my freelance writing, I was not dedicating the time needed to training, so now I am in a place where I have to choose. 
What is the shortest time you have taken to train for a long race? I know some people who habe jumped in and done a marathon on very short notice! 

Easter was a good Day!  
I went to church with Dad, had a nice lunch with him and then headed over to LA's house and had SECOND dinner with her and guy! Things got goofy! It was an amazing meal! 

Garlic Green beans, glazed ham and au gratin potatoes! SO good! 

I sported a BRIGHT yellow dress and high heels to church, this is the ONLY color yellow I can wear and I love it. (OH, I will be posting my second color analysis post this week, promise.) 

Expectancy Pt. 2
Last week I talked about expecting good things to happen, about watching for favor, about anticipating those around you to act a certain way. What about when a little rain falls? I mean, it does, just because we are positive and expect good to happen, doesn't mean that a little rain will fall, or a lot.  

But I belive it's all how we see it. Rain is rain, but we can chose to carry a bright umbrella. (don't get me wrong, some rain is cold, hard and lasts a long time... trials put us through fire, but will refine us like gold...) 

Perspective. Is it rain that will drown out your dreams, rain out your game, make your plans soggy?? 
Or is it rain that will make things grow, bring NEW life from the dark dirt and wash away the dust and the gray of the day? 

Growing isn't easy, it's hard. To grow, requires change. Buds have to open, butterflys have to evolve and baby eagles get TOSSED from the next to grow up and take flight. 

 New Life has to PUSH it's way through the dark dirt, packed down and reach for the sky. Every blade of grass has to push it's way up on it's own, but it's a journey well worth it to sit in the sun. 

We often can't see the rainbow for the rain, we can't often see that things will smell fresh and look new once the rain has stopped. We are so focused on the rain, we miss the beauty that it brings and even leaves behind. 

You won't be seeing any more pictures of my sweetheart on the blog. I introduced him kind of quietly as we were growing and creating as we went through the relationship, but just as quiet as I slipped him in, he slipped out. He was the most amazing relationship I have ever had, I learned so much, I grew tremendously and took a risk, knowing what was at stake. My rainbow is knowing that as good as he was for me, the only next step is forward. 

I will not buy chocolate, put Titanic in the DVD player on purpose and wallow on the couch, living in the past. Am I thinking of him? Yes of course. Did I cry? Heck yes. Do I miss him? Yes yes. Can I do anything about how he feels? Sadly, no. Can I do anything about how I react? YES. I chose to believe GOD has good plans for me and a bright future, I am only moving forward. 

So, that's reason #3 I was a little quiet. I have a brand new week ahead of me and a TON of projects to do and things to occupy my time. Hopefully talking with you guys more here will be part of that--have a bright week, even if you have rain fall. 

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