Monday, May 2, 2011

Multitasking workouts!


Ok, in keeping with my promise, here is a blog post! Really, A REAL, LIVE blog post. 

I spoke last week about why I have been missing in action here and so many of them are great reasons! I am busy in a good way and even today am planning a trip to New York City, this week! 

So, with just a little time to get all I need to get done, how do I get my workouts in? Fast, effective and functional is how! Today I rocked out  45 minutes between clients. I took that time to do my own workout and hit it hard before I had to make someone else sweat for my living! 

The best workouts are when you are working more than one muscle, when you are using multi-joint exercises and doing exercises that are movements we use in day to day life! By working more than one body. we are saving time in our day and on top of that, recruiting more muscle groups will equal greater growth throughout your whole body. Growth of lean muscle mass is what we want for a bigger calorie burn and overall gain. 

Arnold rocking a barbell! 

Don't get me wrong, I do my bicep curls like everyone else. But in life, when we are at the grocery store, at the office and doing yard work, most of our movements engage multiple muscle groups and our total body, so why not work out that way!  

Squats, squats, squats with weight, without, in any form... 
Pushup to side plank
Barbell and dumbell rows
 Dead lifts
Chest Press 
Lunge to overhead press
Step ups with Dumbbell's
Squat to overhead press
Lunge with side raise

ALL excellent examples and all functional movements as well. I can cut my workout in half by doing exercises like in place of single joint movements.  They are more effective, more true to life and create faster workouts! Plus you look like a lean, mean, sexy lifting machine. 

Speaking of lean and mean. Anyone tried the Paleo diet? I am working on eating cleaner, cutting out processed foods and sticking to fruits, veggies, eggs and meat, but haven't tried Paleo all the way yet. I dig all things primal...well, mostly in the form of animal print clothing.  

Thoughts on lifting, thoughts on Paleo? 
Have a fantastic Monday!  

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