Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Color Analysis & Wardrobe Pt. 2

Finally--part two of my journey through color in my wardrobe.

 I simply feel like I need to finish the posts! After my first post where my closet was torn apart, the offending pieces removed and a quick inventory of what I was left, I set out to the second hand stores to replace what was gone with new RIGHT pieces! I got rid of OVER 60 items, not including belts, shoes and accessories. I was overwhelmingly blessed because I

In light of how much I had already PURGED my closet 60 items left me pretty bare, BUT I found an amazing list of must have items from Real Simple Magazine, it is HERE. The checklist is a great guideline for classic items every woman should have to complete her wardrobe. Seasonal basics and items that are always in season and just perfect base pieces for building around.

I love color.

One of the best aspects of shopping with my color analyst was playing with what blouses and shirts looked like with blazers, scarves and belts. Basic items accessorized created amazing outfits. In the past I have gravitated toward loud patterns to make statements and found myself with a closet full of separates I couldn't piece together to form an ensemble to save my life.

Here are some basics I paired with colorful accessories to create ensembles: 

Black top and pants accessorized with a scarf and belt. Easiest outfit ever! And black is my power color, so as long as the accessories are bright, I am set! 

Here are some bold colors that work for me:

Blues, pinks, purples, white-white and YELLOW!

Here is how I use color and form to help outfits flow and elongate: 

Black jacket and black bottom keep the flow of the outfit. Your shoes should always be darker than your hem line and this will prevent a "break" in the color, it keeps the flow going. By wearing the bright scarf long,  I help elongate the outfit. Notice, it's the same scarf--total score in being versatile due to the correct colors! 

Tying it would create a break and make me look shorter, because it stops the eye. Sometimes that's ok, the belt and the scarf above both are breaks in my first picture, but with an all black top/bottom that's ok. 

Here are some patterns, not too loud that I can use to accent an outfit not drive it:

For me, I need to wear small patterns in my color and fabric styles. These I would wear with solid jackets and pants and the shirt, pattern and color become the accent. 

Classic Looks, classic color
My style is moving toward a classic look. Things that I have in my closet now I would NEVER have worn. Even when picking some of the items out, I stated "I don't want to look 40!" (which is only 5 years away...get over it.) But I can look my age and classic, not so trendy that I am in and out of fashion. Here are 2 tops that are more a classic cut, look great and I can still make my own. 

And I can wear Gray without being afraid of being drab!  Gray is one of my colors, I am embracing it ALL the way! 


I brought in even FEWER new items than what I sent out the door and nearly quadrupled my options for outfits. The simpler, the better the color, the more versitile the clothing becomes, the more options. 

With my analysts help I have really created a wardrobe, instead of a closet of things to wear.

Keeping MY Style 
I like feminine cuts, I like ruffles, details, a little puff in my sleeves, I like pretty things, flashy things, things with sequins. And I can keep ALL of these in my wardrobe. 

My style journey has been an interesting one, filled with emotional issues, even right up to this past week. I struggled my whole life with wanting to stand out, be unique and it manifested in SO many ways, one of which was dressing with my own unique style. Often, not very good! 

I struggled my whole life with being "cute" not beautiful, but yet I would dress like a girl, like a kid and I didn't want to play that Girl vs. woman game anymore. I found that people treat me or respond to me the way I dress. Adult cuts and the right colors elicit a whole different response from others and a different air from myself. 

I can look sophisticated, classic and like a woman while still wearing rock and roll necklaces like this one: 

Win Win! 

Tell me, what is your favorite style to dress in?
 Do you follow trends or stick to the basics? 
Next post: Healthy travel tips! Wohoo!

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