Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Healthy Travel Tips

Happy HUMP day! Whew! Today in Minneapolis is promising to be epically beautiful and I am determined to enjoy it! 

This morning I headed out for a run and met up with my sweet friend Jenna for breakfast! Tomorrow morning I will be on a plane for my first trip to New York City and Four days with my Mom and brother! 

Everyone wants to make the most of a vacation, road trip or even a day trip! Here are my top tips for healthy and happy travel! 

1) Water-- Drink plenty of water! Sometimes when traveling, flying especially I can feel tired and run down, on the verge of sickness if I don't stay hydrated! I will be carrying my handy water bottle with me all over the city! By keeping it with me, I can curb hunger on long walks and on the flight. 

2) Snacks - I always have food with me, no matter where I am, but I am notorious for bring food on runs and on trips. I pack healthy snacks and bring my own food when ever I can. This way if you are caught waiting for a flight, a shuttle or just get that hunger bug on the trip you can avoid fast food and often EXPENSIVE food, by having your own healthy snacks handy. My carry on has single serving bags of cashews and a little trail mix! 

3) Grocery shop - I did it in Hawaii even when it was just for myself, but grocery shopping if you can is a GREAT way to eat smart on vacation. The hostel we are staying in is more of a 4 person apartment with a shared kitchen, the actual kitchen is pictured below and it is all stocked--just BYOG. Bring your own groceries. Mom and I are already planning on hitting up a store after we check in. 

We can eat what we want, when we want it, cook in the hostel, save time, save money for SHOPPING! and eat healthy! If you don't have a kitchen you can get creative with a Styrofoam cooler and mini coffee makers. Also, any coffee shop will give you hot water for your instant oatmeal! We will do one meal out a day and the rest... snack and cook! 

4) Go the extra mile: Do it. Walk that last few blocks, skip the moving sidewalk at the airport, take that hike, go for that run or do a workout in the hotel room! It's almost easier to keep active on vacation than when we are at home and facing all the challenges and time constraints of our life! Hit the beach and work that body, park yourself in the park and yoga it up-- you can still lay on the beach and take it easy but just go that extra mile!  My brother and I are both bringing running shoes and taking advantage of Central Park for early morning runs. 

My new POP up map of the city... SO handy! 

5) Plan an active activity : Make sure of all the things you do, you plan a walking, or running tour or take advantage of a bike rental to really SEE where you are visiting and be active at the same time! So many cities offer these for tourists!  There may be a free fitness class to take, you can go out to a nite club and plan to dance or rent a bike and tool around the city or the park for an afternoon! Just make sure you PLAN on some activity in conjunction with your sightseeing and you will be sure to get it in!

6) Don't over do it! Just like on thanksgiving, Easter and even your plain ole' weekend...there will ALWAYS be more food. Being in a new city and a new place, you want to try everything, have a little of everything and indulge. Just set some rules for yourself that you are comfortable with and can stick to. Allow yourself to enjoy where you are and try new things, but set yourself up for success at the same time. You don't want to over do it, feel guilty or worse...sick and too full to enjoy your vacay! IF you REAALY want to go back for that hot dog at the street vendor, you can always do it the next day... 

What is your favorite city to visit and 
your best healthy travel tip?? 

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