Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three things Thursday

1) I LOOOOVE the airport. I love being at the airport, I love driving by the airport, I love the shops, I love seeing the people run through the airport and wonder where they are going...I love it. I don't mind waiting for flights, I don't mind layovers. Love it. Do you? 

2) Everything REALLY is about people and God. I went to a training this week for my job as a leasing agent and sat in on a great speaker talk to us about more effective leasing and I laughed to myself throughout the whole thing because it was SO similiar to my wellness coaching series I am taking. People. They are the most important thing on earth, they our all we have and all that matters. I am learning to really listen, to really see people as individuals and as unique! Treat them that way! 

3) Watch, enjoy and pass on this inspirational video! 
Remember: On the otherside of your greatest fears, lives your greatest life! 

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