Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Self Magazine--NYC workout in the park!

Happy Tuesday! 
I am back from NYC and had a great time! 

Luckily when I got back, Minneapolis had it's act together and beautiful weather was waiting for me!! Today is 77!

One of my favorite things about NYC was Central Park, which is funny because Minneapolis and Minnesota is filled with parks and lakes for me to see anytime. I liked the sections of the park and I liked that it was such a large space in the middle of this bustling city! 

Me in Central park with my white touristy walking shoes--! 

Friday, my Mom, brother and I rented bikes and took off through the park--it was SO much fun and Mom really enjoyed herself. As we were biking through central park, I saw Self Magazine setting up for an event and pulled over! It was Self Workout in the park taking place on Saturday and once they found out I was a healthy lifestyle blogger, they gave me three tickets to get in! 

Saturday morning we went to the park and found a huge line of women waiting to get in! It was such a great site to see everyone waiting to sweat and workout! 

They had 2 workout area's going at once with yoga, cardio, toning and even abs! It was a great experience and a great workout. We did 30 minutes of a toning class focusing on an upper body workout: biceps, triceps and shoulders. For only body weight and no resistance, it was a good workout, my arms were feeling heavy by the end--Mom was a trooper too! 

Tim doing a little cardio boxing with all the girls from Self! 

Everyone on the ground for the great Ab workout: 

Working out with others is an excellent motivator and a way to have a fun time getting that exercise in! I know that whenever I was able to meet a friend at the gym or join up with a group to take part in a class it was easier to go and easier to commit to. Self created with ultimate Group Fitness Experience! I LOVED it...plus it was a beautiful day in the park and a great NYC experience to come away with! 

What is the largest Group fitness event 
you have taken part in? 

Other amazing pics from the trip: 

Staten Island Ferry

Mothers day brunch in the East Village

Brookly Bridge!

Times Square

Goofing in front of Tom's-George and Elaine!

I heart NYC!
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