Monday, May 16, 2011

The good, the bad and the Goal

Happy Monday all! 

I hope you are well, I have had an exceptional week last week, but I can't tell you ALL about it today, I will give you little bits and pieces...  

I really dislike the idea of doing "good" and doing "bad" with my food or workouts. I don't want to set myself up for failure, but I also don't want to be down on myself if I do something:

I didn't want to 
 I shouldn't have
or that is BAD

Who needs that kind of guilt hanging over them when it comes to food or to a workout? Not me. Good or bad is such a harsh way to look at our choices! Be empowered, chose what you want in the situation you are in, to meet the goals you are committed to. No apologies!!

So, last week instead of trying to be perfect, I had a few goals that I wanted to do and I did! I wanted to get more protein in, especially at breakfast, because it sets the whole tone of my eating day, I know that morning protein sustains me and fuels me, it works.

So, I had eggs: Hard boiled, poached, sunny side up and even when I went out for breakfast with a friend, I had steak and eggs!! I bypassed the amazing looking pancakes for protein, but also allowed myself the toast and hash-browns (hidden under the eggs) because deprivation stinks and I had achieved my goal all week and wanted to have hash browns. Who doesn't?! 

I also wanted to up my greens and made it a goal to get back to having one green monster a day, aka going through spinach like crazy again! When I would feel hungry in the afternoon and want to snack, I reminded myself of my goal: HEY! Get those greens in, and reached for my handy blender for a GM instead of another snack. 

I am notoriously bad with drinking water, but I am trying to see some specific results with my new workouts and so I knew I had to up the water... (not do GOOOD, just DO!) and I did up it and I started to see the effect right away. 

By keeping our goals in mind, we can over come the good and bad thinking... just think, I am drinking water because I want to feel more energy. I am eating protein for muscle growth, I am eating greens so I GLOW from the inside out. 

For me, I had to say " I don't want chocolate, I want to lower my body fat percentage." (which is one of my goals at the gym) And even if you don't do ALL you wanted to, you did some with that goal pressing you forward! It's desiring the end result more than the vice or craving, yet not denying yourself. It's a fine line.  How do you walk it? 

I also went to a boot camp class at a different branch of my work! 
It was a great, sweaty experience where I got some new ideas for my own classes and my own workouts! I love sharing information and learning from others! Besides the branch I went to was one I used to attend when I worked in corporate America--what a throw back!  PLUS It helped me reach a goal with my new workout routine which I will talk more about this week. 

A new friend of mine gave me this wonderful necklace:  

As it turns out when she sees something she likes and buys for herself, she always buys a second one to give away.... I was the LUCKY recipient of this pretty cross on just such occasion. Isn't that wonderful? That is an act of service that I would love to incorporate into my life to bless others. 

Do you randomly give gifts to others when you are moved?

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