Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's a SIGN: faith and endurance

Happy Thursday! 
Hope you are well, my day is SUNNY and happy over here in Minneapolis. I am running my third half marathon this weekend at the Med City marathon in Rochester Minnesota! I have my running outfit all ready to go, and I even have a sign all ready for my mom to hold while I run! 

A sign? YEP! 
A big sign that Build a sign dot com sent me for FREE!! 

I was able to upload my own picture, design the sign with whatever I wanted on it and even chose the material!! I chose just a corrugated plastic, not aluminum. The plastic sign is double sided as the aluminum, although more resilient was only single sided. 

It's is huge and very sturdy! Uploading and designing it was extremely easy and fun and it shipped to me in about 4 days. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get a detailed, truly custom sign! AND They sent me bumper stickers!! One set for Fit this, girl blog readers and one set for my Personal Training and Wellness Coaching business: Temple Training and Wellness! 

WOW, they are wonderful, I love them!! Get your own FREE Bumper sticker from them HERE! 

Do you want a Fit this, Girl bumper sticker? Send me your mailing address and I will send one out! Be Fit, have faith, have fun!! 

Have Faith: Twitter Chat
Speaking of having faith, I wanted to remind everyone that every other Wednesday I am hosting a Faith and Fitness Chat on twitter, just log on and follow the hashtag #FitFaithchat to talk about how our fitness and our faith intertwine, interact and affect our whole lives. 

For me, fitness is a way of life and faith is a way of life too, there aren't too many area's of my life where one or both don't exist or even dominate! I feel called to be fit and healthy so that I can step up and be the best I can be. God has a wonderful life planned out for me and I am called to be ready and able to follow that path, to walk that narrow road (or run it!), to be the woman I am in Christ--not lacking, not faltering and not fearing! 

No one said it would be easy. 

Is it easy to get up and go for a run when I am tired or it's raining? No! Is it easy to lift at the gym or do a boot camp when I am exhausted or have a mile long to do list? No. But I do it, because I love it, because it betters me, because I CAN

Is it easy to stand by my beliefs when people tell me I am too vocal about God? No. Is it easy to speak up, even as a lone voice when you know that you can't be silent about what is right & wrong or simply about how GOOD God is? No. But if I do it because God is SO good to me, I love him, he betters me and because I will honor him! 

No one said you would win every fight.

Some runs are hard, some days it's an uphill climb just to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not slip back. But fitness and health is not an overnight job, it's a lifetime work--it's a LIFE STYLE...we spend our lives investing in it. Some days we lose the fight, but we keep on. In the end, we will win, it's a marathon after all not a sprint. 

Even looking back this week I can see trials and struggles in my faith walk and to some people it may look like I am fighting a losing battle! But just because a few fights along the way don't turn out in your favor, GOD causes good to come from it. I may not win every fight, I may end up with some scuffed knees, but the battle is already won. So when I fall and get back up, I smile knowing I will never stay down! 

No one said you would ALWAYS have a cheering section. 

I will have some family at my race this weekend, but there have been plenty of early morning races, cold races, hard races where I go alone, run alone and hobble back alone. Single girl runner lifestyle! Not a huge cheering section, no hubs and kids at the finish line. But, I don't do it for that. I do it for me. I am my own cheering section and I do it because it's worth it even when NO ONE is at the finish line. 

Being a person of faith isn't always popular, I don't have a ton of people backing me up and cheering me on. Sure I have people who admire and support, I get WONDERFUL emails from readers and supporters, but the cheering section is a small one as I run the race set before me. For me? I keep going, for the JOY set before me is knowing my Savior is at the finish line. He is there holding my sign, he is waiting for me, watching for me to round that corner STRONG and a winner! 
He is the reason I run, He is the reason I CAN run and He is all the push I need. 

A friend of mine asked me, how I GET all the stuff to review, try and give away on my blog. I told her, it's Gods favor! He is just showering us with love and goodness. Thanks to Build a Sign for seeking me out, but thanks to God for all the blessings. Life is SO good... just remember: 

Have a happy Thursday! 
Remember to follow me on Twitter and to take part in the #FitFaithchat June 1st, June 15th, June 29th! 

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