Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arctic Zero & Race Day!

Do you get nervous before a race? Me, I just wonder what kind of weather I will be running in. Often in Minnesota, you don't know what you will get! 

I am planning on wearing a sweet little tank from Target ( clearance and it's in my bright jewel blue color palette!) and shorts. I will bring a jacket along and pray for sun and warmth, but I may get some gray and rain.  

All set and ready to go--yes, I am taking more than just this! :) 
I am excited to run another race, I haven't ran since my MDRA 7mile! And the Med City is special--I am running from my grade school home to the town I "grew up"(essentially!)

I Scream, you Scream.. 
Yes, you're reading that right: 150 calories per PINT! 
Arctic Zero, a high protein, low calorie, gluten free ice cream alternative! 
With 16 Grams of Whey Protein and 8 grams of fiber, this ice cream alternative is a very COOL way to enjoy a treat without outrageous fat and calories and still feel you are getting the real thing! 

Sweetened with cane sugar and monk fruit it's a fluffy treat that really does taste like cookies and cream! A few girls I follow on Facebook were talking about it--they are figure competitors and so I took note and hunted some Arctic Zero down for myself! Check them out at My Arctic Zero dot com! 

Thanks to Lori and Emily a couple local girls, for sharing on face book! I love this stuff... Ok, off for the weekend, a race recap coming on Monday! 

Have a wonderful SAFE memorial day weekend!  

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