Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spa night and YOGA!

I could do a three things Thursday, but it would just be: 

Thank GOD It's Thursday! 
Thank GOD It's Thursday! 
Thank GOD It's Thursday! 

I could do a post on epic achievements, I could list amazing ways to improve your health, fitness, productivity and overall life happiness OR I could show you pictures of my facial. 


Well I went back as a guest of the MN blog pantry group, a group of pro-active, community centered and amazingly connected women! We were invited to Life Power to eat amazing salads, drink strawberry water and be pampered with mini-spa treatments and restorative yoga. I am feeling seriously blessed folks! 

The services at Life Power are amazing, the salads were FRESH, light and unique! I noshed on greens, beets, goat cheese with avocado's and mint. It was heavenly. The water had sliced up bananas and strawberries in it and it was SO fresh tasting, I am going to make some at home! 

Now you KNOW your esthetician is awesome when you lay down and she offers to take pics of your facial! Aw! Here I am getting all steamed up to open my pores! The facial was amazing, I was one of the last people to have it because I came a little late. Because of that, I didn't get a 15-20 min mini-facial, it was more like 45!! 

She steamed first, then cleansed my face, then she used a toner. Next she exfoliated using a product that was not rough, but fruit enzyme based. It was pomegranate and it smelled good enough to EAT! She examined my skin and said that my skin was dehydrated and this had nothing to do with how well hydrated my body was! 

We need to lock in moisture when we can, but if our pours are clogged then we can't absorb moisture let alone lock it in. She suggested a facial every 4 weeks or so to keep your skin moist and hydrated and perpetuate that state so that your skin is healthier and healthier! 

One thing I noted was that a toner (which I rarely use) helps to even out your skin, but also helps hydrate it. She said that witch hazel, even with rose is too harsh and should be avoided. Toner should soak right up or right into your skin as if it is DRINKING it in! 

I was a little read, but glowing! I felt great and I felt like I looked great! I will be getting more facials in the future for certain! 

Melissa and Erin were there too, SO many bloggers were, but many of us were ships passing in the night as we went off to our mini-treatments. 

The restorative yoga was great. I was already relaxed from the facial and was able to come in, sit in about 3 positions total and really focus on my breathing and releasing tension. Restorative yoga is about UNDOING, not doing. I can dig that... I DO all day long, undoing feels great. 

Thank you to the Blog Pantry and to Life Power Yoga for inviting us, it was an amazing night, relaxing and very much enjoyed. 

I am so reminded that I need to add gentle strengthening and stretching like yoga back into my routine! Do you yoga regularly? 

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