Friday, June 3, 2011

Seeing Results & weekend plans!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are well, do you have grand weekend plans? Let's hear em'!

Today I have 2 clients and a workout of my own: back, legs and core. I have to tell you, I wasn't sold on my new workout routine, but I have to say I think I am liking it! It's hard to get my head wrapped around working out one muscle group once a week, but the intensity is ROCKIN' and I am really seeing results!! 

I am coming up on week four of the plan and I am seeing my weights increase, my body weight drop and my body fat drop too! One big factor I haven't blogged about was what I did to really clean up my diet. I really dove in and cleaned it up, but I will talk about that next week! 

Still, the intensity of my workouts is great, I get an amazing burn 4-5 days a week and am seeing physical results I want and watching that weight go up! 

at the GYM with the big boys!

Yesterday: Thursday I focused on Chest and Biceps. My chest press is up 5 pounds from week one and I was able to do 10 reps instead of 8 without much difference in exertion. That's great! I also was able to do more reps with my higher weight of biceps. Week one I was doing 12 pound dumbbells, this week I was doing 15's for 10 reps (remember I am doing 3 bicep exercises, 3 sets of 8-12 reps of each), last week I was doing 8 reps. 

So, little by little, I am getting stronger and I can see I am building muscle! I love it. I will do this routine through week 5 and then consider changing it up, possibly to a 2 day split where I work each muscle twice a week.  I haven't ever really put THIS much thought into my workouts...I love the feeling of seeing my progress and knowing I am kicking my own BUTT! 

Medicine Ball Fun
This weekend, I am attending a Running and Injury prevention clinic with the founder of Newton Running Shoes! I am so thrilled! I haven't tried Newton's yet, but would love to get a pair someday to run in. Have you tried them? I am very excited to see what the clinic is like and what the speaker has to say--full details SOON. 

ALSO, I am going to turn this ordinary, fun colored women's basketball into my very own medicine ball!! I will post the how-to when I am done! 

AND outdoor boot camp starts Sunday morning, the troops are preparing as we speak, I am SO excited for the two outdoor summer sessions! It's going to be a GREAT weekend!! 

What are you doing this weekend? Let's hear those FIT and fun plans!

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