Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making A Medicine Ball!

My weekend was GREAT! Was yours? I spent a lot of time outside and made my medicine ball!

Here's how you can make your own! 
1) An old basketball--women's basketballs are perfect 20-21 lb. Medicine balls. Thrift Store: 50 cents
2) Blasting sand or the finest sand you can get, I used QuickRete fine sand. 50lb bag was $3.90 at Home Depot.  
3) Cooking funnels or the smallest funnel you could find: Target $1.29
4) Radial Tire Kit at Target $ 7.99
5) Shoe Goo or rubber adhesive: $2.49
6) a bathroom scale to weigh the final product!

 TOTAL: $16.17 plus Tax! 
It beats the $49.00 10 pound medicine ball at target!  

Total time: 2 hours start to finish for 2 balls. 
Suntan while filling: priceless

Here is the sand that I used: a SWEET deal! I have another project I am using the leftover sand for and will post that later! 

All ready to go, outside, soaking in the sun with a coffee and my smart phone! 

Step one: Puncture TWO holes in the basket ball. The first hole through the air hole already there. Then turn the ball an eighth of a turn and puncture another hole for air flow! 

Step Two: securely place the funnel in the first hole and place the ball on the scale. Slowly start to fill the ball with sand. I put the sand into a pourable bowl from my kitchen and it worked really well. The extra fine sand went in very fast and so I was filling the funnel every minute or so. 

I actually made a second medicine ball as well, 14 lbs and used a red kickball for it. There is a lot more extra room in that ball, but the 21 lb basketball has just enough space to have it be slightly malleable. Both will work wonderful for slams or chops etc. 

Closing the ball: follow the directions on the radial tire kit to use the "needle" tool and thread a black stopper through the hole, cut the excess stopper off and cover with adhesive or shoe goo to seal it. This was the hardest part of making this. The first hole I sealed was a little messy, but works fine. The great thing is, you can always reseal it if you need to. 


Step Three: SLAM! Turn your core on, pull the ball over head and slam it has hard as you can to the ground. Squat and pick up! It's an excellent work out, check out the video on how to execute the MB slams!

If you make your own, let me know and I will link to your post!
Are you guys really experiencing summer? We are here in MN--it was near 95 yesterday!
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