Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SKYZONE Trampoline park

Happy Wednesday!! 
Tell me one thing in the comments that you are enjoying today!! GO!

I guess you could call it cross training? It was a cardio workout for SURE!! It was SKYZONE indoor trampoline park! It is a huge warehouse with a number of "courts" that are compiled of huge trampolines and even trampolines up the side of the wall! 

Jenna and Alyssa came and got their JUMP on with me! 

There was a GIANT foam pit: 

Alyssa could FLIP:

here is a short video of the place and me huffing and puffing after only 15 minutes! 

Afterwards, we went to brunch at Gigi's in Minneapolis, and I had a mushroom scramble with greens on the side! It was SO good, and a nice way to refuel after an hour of jumping. I was surprised by how sore I was as well, I felt like the trampoline was doing all the work, but I guess not!

Have you seen the website I am a woman of God
It's a great clothing website for women who want to be vocal about their faith! The tee's and bags are SO cool! And their FB page is full of amazing inspiring messages and verses!  
Check them out! 

I used to wear tee's with graphics on them ALL the time and have cut back! I think moving into my 30's has just changed the way I view my casual clothes even. I will get this for SURE though, because I love the message and will be proud to promote the tee and the fact that I am a woman of God! 

Have a GREAT Day and rest of your week, thanks for reading and don't forget TONIGHT, Wednesday 6/15/11 is our next #FitFaithchat on twitter! 8 pm CST --see you there! 

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