Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being committed and growth

Happy Wednesday, I can't believe where this week has gone! I am busy and loving life--this week there is a special speaker every night at church and am already feeling SO inspired and feel like I am on the cusp of amazing CHANGE!

I have a story for you about commitment:
There I am at the gym. It was bicep day, I LOVE bicep day. It's hard and SO worth the pain. My first set, I did bicep curls with free weights, 4 sets 10 reps.

Then I went to the bicep machine, I did one set 10 reps and bumped the weight down 5 pounds.

I started at that number.
(i hated that number too)

I thought of my clients who work so hard ALL the time.
 I thought of the 3 sets I had left and the fatigue in my muscle.
I thought of the number and how it was less than before.

 I bumped it back up, finished all 4 sets, eeking out 10 reps in each. The 10th was NOT pretty. I know I was grunting, I know I didn't look pretty, veins all popping and red-faced.

But I was committed to that number I was going to lift, that certain weight.  I was  committed to what I said I would do, not for any other reason, but to be consistent and to keep my word to myself. I was surprised that I made it through the sets that I did EVEN though I didn't back down.

Just like SO many hard or long runs I have encountered, I wondered--was it the weight, the sets or the BRAIN that was my road block? After completing what I was committed to, I can tell you, It was my brain.

Sure my arms were tired and sure they felt like they may fall off, a few of my last reps were pretty sad, but I did them where I wanted to!

Some days, just like I tell my clients, if we cut a few reps short, but stay at our weight that's OK, the ultimate goal is to fatigue anyway, we shift our idea of success based on that, not on the sets or reps, but on being consistent and working our hardest.

This is where the growth takes place, those last reps that burn, that last lap that seems impossible, those extra few crunches when you feel like you JUST CAN"T.  

The hard part is where we grow, where we increase, it's the hardest, most important part of the workout, of LIFE! Get committed to something, whether it's time with your family, your spending habits, being a better employee, a better friend or your workouts!

 Get committed and go that little extra mile, do the hard work when you don't want to or feel like you can't and you will see growth in all area's of life! 

On a final note, here is a GREAT video from Metabolic Effect on FB and it's a easy, quick tutorial on eating and working out! Simple and effective, it's essentially what I have been aiming for and seeing great growth and results from!

What are you committed to that you push yourself to do?

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