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Fitness Interview: Emily Lind

Happy Tuesday! 
Hope ya'll in blog world are overcoming and LOVING your journey today! 
I have had a morning of LEARNING, oh lawd, did I have a morning of learning. 

Life lessons cause me to slow down and take note of what is going on around me. Today and the past few days? Listening to people who have more WISDOM than I do. Honoring people who have been through things and know more than I do. I don't know everything, I don't have the answers, I can take time to check myself and remember that I can learn from EVERYONE I meet. Humbling & grand! 

The Essence Of EM: 
I have added a lot of new friends on FB and many of them are fitness models and competitors! Emily Lind is one such woman who is inspiring in her work, her fitness and her faith! She is a fitness competitor, model, a spokesperson and has been featured in Faith and Fitness magazine & FitnessX mag in addition to being a WBFF fitness model!  I asked Emily a few questions about her journey and fitness to encourage, inform and inspire you! 

How did you get into the fitness industry? 

Almost 3 years ago I raided my kitchen cabinets and became crazy passionate about lifting and eating clean. Every exercise magazine, weight lifting book, and clean eating resource I could get my hands on, I did! When most people my age were out drinking and gaining the usual freshman 15 I took a different course. I started working for a Plastic Surgeon (Dr. Peter A. Vogt M.D. & John A. Ness M.D). There I developed close relationships with patients as I worked with them, through their postoperative care. I realized after they spent money on getting rid of their problem areas I needed to teach them how to maintain and take better care of themselves. 

Within the mix of working for the Doc's and getting into my own fitness I decided to compete. I needed something to push me further, so I attended Camp Savage in Chicago and was hooked on fitness! Then, I took the stage for the first time in Las Vegas at the Fitness America Pageant. After one year  and completing 4 shows I realized I add fitness modeling into my career and add competing back in a little later.

Life is all about timing and I feel the Lord is calling me to do some other things right now... like build my business and speak to others about achieving their best life. This all still plays a very demanding role in my daily life. Training hard for shoots and keeping fit. Learning everyday to live life in balance because balance creates happiness. 

What are common mistakes you see when people start an exercise program? 

Well it isn't so much the mistakes of the exercise program its not starting a nutrition program at the same time. I see a lot of people with their new lifting program and their calendars are mapped out with cardio dates and classes- that is GREAT but, if you don't focus in on your diet you are pretty much getting NO WHERE! 

 I see people get flustered and throw in the towel altogether! This leads them to go back to their energy sucking, low motivated, daily life. Fitness is all about being educated and having a plan that involves your physical, mental, and spiritual makeup. That is true success! 

What is a common misconception people have about their own lifestyle? 

People think they can get away with more than they really can. By this I mean, going overboard- its the weekend and let's go crazy and "I'll be ok because I worked really hard during the week". Everything needs to be done in moderation. The drinking, the eating out.. MODERATION. Otherwise, all your hours working hard on your diet and workouts are washed away.

 Its about making more of the healthier choice. You still can have the goodies but take 1 piece not half of the cake!! and get to the gym first thing the next day. Burn it off, sweat it out, trust me you'll feel better.

Where do you see your faith and fitness coming together? 

I like this question. Its all about being disciplined. I know with my faith it takes me talking to God just like with fitness if I don't go to the gym then I get NO results- No one is going to do it for me. What I put in is exactly what I get out of it. 

Seeking God gives me courage to be bold. I feel like I need to use the gifts Christ has given me. In my faith and in fitness, I’m always growing. There are always ways to improve. We all have weak points. We grow in faith through the thickest of challenges, setbacks and failures. It is when I’m at my weakest that I am strongest. Exercise both and you will become STRONG! Soon your ready for whatever life throws at you.

What is your favorite bible verse that you encourage yourself with? 

I have lots of them but currently I really like Proverbs 27:17:
As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. This makes me realize that I cannot do it alone. I simply cannot. I think we all think that we can be completely strong enough on our own at times then we have a setback and have our come to Jesus moment. 

If you take each take as the verse says you will begin to realize that you can exercise your mental strength as well as your body. It also reminds me to chose my surroundings wisely. If I'm not around people who are bringing me up, then who am I hanging out with? Again, as strong as you are sometime you just aren't strong enough. "a friend sharpens a friend" .... take responsibility to bring up people around you and soon you will realize they're probably bringing you up too. 

God Bless - Stay The Course EM

Thanks Emily! You are being used mightily and are inspiring! 

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