Sunday, July 3, 2011

Healthy Holiday Tips!

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

The weather here is beautiful and I even got to lounge by the lake! I did a plyo workout, taught boot camp and enjoyed a little time with the GF's! A GREAT weekend. Holiday's are always celebrated and filled with FOOD! Grilling, cool treats, fancy drinks and homemade goodies!

Here are my five tips to eat to your Health's content, and celebrate to the fullest!

Hit up the lean meat:
Save the steak for later and hit up turkey burgers, chicken sausages and grilled salmon! Really treat yourself to some delicious, light and lean meat. After all you will want to have a LITTLE of EVERYTHING on the 4th, so this time, take the meat off center stage! On average, a lean turkey breast will have up to 70 calories and  7 grams less fat than steak!

Pile up on fresh and grilled veggies:
Compliment your lean meat with an array of grilled veggies--break out of the ordinary and try things you haven't tried before! Roast your own red peppers, grill up okra with asparagus or make zucchini boats BRIMMING with your favorites! Go for color too, red, orange, green, yellow, white! Make a colorful masterpiece of grilled veggies your friends will be begging to try at the BBQ!

Manage the marinades:
Use light healthy oils like Olive Oil or Coconut Oil as avenues for NEW spices. Branch out, try Thai or southwest spices you haven't before for that holiday HEY!  You can manage your marinades and avoid heavy sauces dense with sugar and calories by mixing the healthy oil with juice like lime or Liquid Amino's. Bringing light, new flavor to your meats and veggies and with added nutrients. There is no need to fall into a food coma when you can opt to manage the marinades and NOT sacrifice taste!

Fill up on Fruit!
Have fresh fruit out on your table or handy to graze on throughout your picnic or BBQ. When your tempted for that sweet piece of cobbler or pie, you can reach for the strawberries and melon instead! Try a little honey drizzled on top and a table spoon of chocolate chips and you will be CONTENT to fill up on fruit instead of junk food like chips or sweets!

Really, it's the fourth of July--throw a Frisbee, take your dog for a run, play a little volleyball, golf or SOME kind of game outside. JUST DO IT, just play! You'll enjoy your day, burn calories and your family will be glad you did, chances are you will do it with them!!

On a day like the 4th of July, I am proud to be an American. I am grateful for the people who went before me, who paid a high price for my freedom. Who believed in this great country and who sacrificed so much so we could enjoy it.

I am also grateful and humbled to be a Christian and can't imagine living without the freedom I have in Christ. He too sacrificed so that WE ALL could live free and enjoy his love and the joy that he brings!

Enjoy your day and God bless!

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