Saturday, July 9, 2011

Race Announcement: Twin Cities Marathon!

 You prep, you train, you eat right, you sleep enough, you get the shoes, buy the gear, you get your posse to cheer, you START with all the emotions pouring over, months of hard work and then it's just a short 26.2 till you're through. 

I am going to run the Twin Cities Marathon in October! 
It will be my second FULL marathon and I am so excited to be doing it!! It's called the most beautiful Urban Marathon in the US and for a reason! 

The course takes you through Downtown Minneapolis, around our chain of beautiful south Minneapolis lakes to the Mississippi River and through St. Paul, MN ending with a stretch of finish line between our Cathedral and the State Capital. It's awe inspiring, I have watched it a number of times! 

NOW. I get to run it. 
The heat, the crowds, the pacers, the water stops, watching my city as I click by, keepin' on keeping on. It's exhilarating to run that far, it's exhilarating to go after a goal and not STOP Until you have the victory under your belt!! 

There is SO much to learn on the journey, so many stops we make before we reach our destination:

Starting with the courage to start! Knowing that patience is vital to see that it's the process of training for these events that will help us grow in our sport and in life!! It's key to the steady victory. 

Making hard work your best friend and persevering when you don't KNOW if you can keep going, don't know if you even WANT to. Finally the Victory of the challenge, of the race, of the dream! Next stop happiness--but also inspiration! By pressing toward the goal and not giving in, we inspire others who are still trying to find the courage! 


For me, the props for all and anything I accomplish go to God. Without him, I wouldn't have the faith to do anything, even get out of bed in the morning. I have been there and life with him running along side me over the hills and through the valley's is the only way to live! HE is the reason I ever taste victory and HE is the reason I run! 

AND I am raising money for Bolder Options in the process! 

This year I am raising $1000 (or YOU are, I should say!) For the mentoring program in Minnesota that helps at risk kids through activity like running and biking. 

YOU ALL KNOW the difference activity makes for us, and we know it impacts and makes an impression on youth. Please donate 10 dollars today and we can all meet our goal of a healthy happy future!! 

Please Donate here:

It's off to the gym for me and a little running today! Tomorrow is a long run for me and a photo shoot at a beach! Super pumped for a great weekend ahead and all the blessings in store!! 

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