Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend recap: Endurance

This morning was a stormy one in Minneapolis and now, 2 hours later the sun is bright and the day is beautiful! Isn't that just like life... storms come, we endure and they pass! 

This weekend, my friend Jennifer had a baby shower for her FIRST little bundle on the way! It was a great day to see lots of friends and have some treats!  Congrats to Jennifer--I can't wait to see your new little girl! 

Sunday: Long Run Love
Sunday in Minneapolis was HOT and HUMID. The dew point was around 84, which is like walking outside only to look like you took a shower. It was not really that awesome! I taught the final of my session 1 outdoor boot camps (kudos's to the troopers sweating up a storm!) and took off as SOON as I could for my run. I had 9 miles on my plate and the temp and humidity were stacked up against me! 

Between the lakes with 3.5 miles to go....
feeling good and munching on Black Mission Figs for FUEL!! 

9.37 Miles done, shirt off and out of water!! I used many a drinking fountain along the way...I also didn't stop the Run Keeper app I was using to track miles or splits, so it's not accurate entirely, but I just wanted to get the miles in! Check out the full details HERE

It's not just about trucking through the race or the miles. It's not just about gritting our teeth and getting through. It's not just about the end of the road, the prize, the goal or the finish, some people think it is, but will find out that the end is just another beginning and what matters is HOW we endure. 

Today, there were HUGE rolling black clouds rolling through Minneapolis. They were moving fast, carrying high winds and rain and opened up on us with a huge downpour! I was running in some intense heat this weekend and had to make some water stops, my miles weren't as fast as I would have liked, but I trucked through and endured, knowing I was always one step or one mile closer.  

The past 5 or 6 days where there haven't been a lot of blog posting going on here (OR Any...) have been days where I felt like I was enduring through them. I had been weighing some heavy decisions, praying a lot, seeking God and trying to make sure that I endure the RIGHT way, not just white knuckling it till the storms pass. I want to seek God first, I want to be obedient to him,  I want to give him my life to do what he will with it! 

Step by step, mile by mile, I get closer to who he has called me to be, but just like those looking for the finish, there will always be a new start when we have endured through HIS strength to the place he wants us to be. 

In the end, is the job you are wanting, the apartment you get, the life you are believing for the end all? No, it's the steps of obedience to God that take us there that count. It's the small steps that create the journey, it's the trip of a LIFE time as we move through this incredibly temporary world into HIS kingdom! So we endure, we take it step by step, savoring, learning, listening and going slow sometimes when the heat, weather, circumstance call for it...but all in JOY and we endure. 

Good Earth!

I refueled with my good friend Jenna at the Good Earth Restaurant! It was fantastic!! I had an egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes and pine nuts, a side of sweet potato hash and turkey sausage! I DEVOURED this meal after that hot 9.3 miles! 

Today my eyes were NOT bigger than my stomach, my stomach was a bottomless pit for protein and goodness!! 

What is your favorite natural or organic place to eat out? Do you have the Good Earth where you are? 

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