Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ragnar Relay update: Summer of Sports bra's!

Happy Tuesday! 
I hope this week is finding you happy and working hard toward all your goals! 

Who's got some good news for me? Let's hear it! 

Getting out of YOUR own way! 

I love this quote--remember, you are often the person standing in your own way! If you believe in yourself, GO after your goals, you will find that others won't stand in your way either--we don't need permission from others to be our best version of ourselves, we need permission from ourselves and then there is no stopping you!! 

I am LOVING being on a training plan for a race again! It's so great to have my runs planned for me, I just gotta make time to get them in!! 
Looking at my legs of the race, I see i need to train hills...I am SO bad about training hills! 
Check this out, Leg 8, my first of three:

Hills are in my future...for SURE. More on my other legs later, we are only a month away from the big overnight relay--I am super pumped, as you can tell in this picture! 

Summer of Sports Bra's: 
It's been decided, it's the summer of sports bra's, I am not ashamed to whip off my shirt and run in the heat in only the bra...do it my friends, it feels great, is empowering and a good ab workout too, believe me you will be tightening that core the WHOLE time!! 

Just recently I had a lot of people ask me about my clean eating that I have embraced, I will be blogging about that this week, so stay tuned for some tips and tricks to eat your best so you can perform your best! 

What is your FAVE all natural thing to feed your body with?? Do tell! 
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