Friday, July 29, 2011

Clean eating pt.2: In the kitchen with Ava

Friday!! Here we are!! I am SO glad,  because I am going to get some serious SUN this weekend!! 

Everyone says Abs are made in the kitchen!
Well, I want to be in the kitchen with Ava Cowan.

She's hangin' above my computer for inspiration--look at those ABS! 

Abs are made in the kitchen? 

Every body is so different and responds differently to the fuel we use and the workouts we put it through! Thank goodness or we would ALL be the same. We can't ALL be Ava Cowan. :) So, when you hear that abs are made in the kitchen, what people mean is that when you eliminate junk from your diet you will shed that excess that is covering your amazing abs! 

I like to think of it as a REALLY hard bed, covered with a pile of SUPER fluffy down comforters. We just have to strip away those comforters, little by little and the hard bed will be there! Clean eating helps strip away the excess that is there on all of us and leaves us with the great hard "bed" of abs we want!  Just like with any muscle adding weight to our ab exercises will increase that muscle size making them pop, like our girl Ava here. Dang. 

What I eat! 
I went to the grocery store the other day for some staples and decided to show ya'll what I am munching on: 

Apples, eggs, green beans, zucchini, sweet potato, blueberries, steel cut oats, rolled oats, quinoa, steak, chicken, spinach, slivered almonds and ...what is that? Yeah a protein bar and chocolate! See, I DO eat processed food every now and then. Being at the grocery store left me drooling, so I grabbed a protein bar quick! On average, I only have one once a week... 

Expensive?? NOPE. All of that above was 34 dollars and some change, the most expensive items being the blueberries, chicken and Quinoa! 

Usually I start breakfast with eggs and egg whites, chicken sausage OR eggs and Oats! I load my oats with fruit and nuts and have steered into using bulk oats, not the packaged oatmeal that I used for so long... 

Lunch for me is usually a protein packed spinach salad. I PILE on the meat, the veggies (ALL Kinds) and top it with coconut oil and lemon juice and healthy nuts and seeds! I am now in LOVE with sunflower seeds--healthy fats and protein--9 grams in a quarter cup! Often, I will toss a spinach style salad with hot quinoa for whole grain goodness and more protein!

I snack on hard boiled eggs, fruit, nuts, dried fruits, sometimes goat yogurt when I crave it and protein powder...loving the ON vanilla I got just recently! 

For dinner, I usually have veggies and a lean meat like fish, chicken breast or turkey! I love spicing it up with my Cajun spices! 

I am never without a bedtime snack--fruit with honey or sprinkled with my FAVE--Ghiradelli dipping chocolate! SUPER TINY chips, that make me feel decadent added to anything!! 

Calorie needs and Fat, protein, carbs! 
To really figure out how much fat, protein and carbs you need, you should find your daily calorie intake. You can find your daily caloric needs by using an online BMR calculator like this one. Once you do that you can either maintain or minus 500 calories per day for a healthy 1 lb loss per week. 

From THERE, you want to divide the daily number by 40% for protein and then divide by 4. 
For figuring Carbohydrates needed divide your daily number by 30% and divide by 4, for healthy fats, divide that number by 30% and then divide by 9 (4,4,9 being the calories per gram of each item)

Being balanced in all your take in when you eat clean or ANY way you eat is vital to a healthy body and fueling for success!! 

What is your FAVE healthy fat?? Mine is becoming coconut oil and walnuts very quickly!! 
Have a fantastic weekend, hope you all enjoy you sunny summer days! 

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