Tuesday, August 2, 2011

22 Laws of wellness: Personal Accountability

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for coming back, we had a HOT and stormy weekend in Minneapolis, summer has been really interesting... 

This afternoon I am drinking: Vanilla, mango madness green monster! 
2 Cups Spinach
1/2 ripe mango
1 scoop ON Vanilla Whey Gold Standard and 
1/2 C. water

Why hello mango! 

Personal Accountability: 
I am reading the 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness, by Greg Anderson. It's interesting so far. He states that wellness is NOT what we all think it is in that we eat properly, exercise and are fit. While those do play roles, he asserts that wellness is:

"creating constant personal renewal where we recognize and act on the truth that each day is a miraculous git and our job is to untie the ribbons."

He claims there are universal laws, spiritual laws, physical laws and emotional laws among many others that govern how well we are as people. One of the most important ones, right at the beginning and at the crux of any wellness work we do in our lives is the law of personal accountability. 

Knowing that we chose our behaviors AND our responses even when we can not choose our circumstances. This resonates SO deeply with me. For years, I allowed my past to dictate my behavior and claimed my responses were our of my control, the only way to respond, expected of me based on my experiences. 

Choose behavior: we can't do better till we know better, but learning is painful and a process that takes time. Still once we know that A, B or C is harmful for us whether spiritual, physical or emotional, we are responsible for changing that behavior. Is the choice easy? Rarely. Is it popular? Doubtful. Is it painful? Often, but in the long run, we benefit. We will reap the rewards of our healthy behavior and we will reap the rewards of the discipline and process we needed to go through it. Choose well.... 

Choose Responses: In ANY situation we can choose our response. We can be glass half empty or glass half full. We can be world against us or world for us. We can chose to respond with love and kindness time and time again when we are met with opposition and strife--it's the WORLD, what do you expect? I expect that no matter what I am met with, I will walk in love and respond in love... and that's what I get. In return, goodness overflows in my life even when strife is pounding on the door. I am responsible for my response and for what my walk through this world looks like. Live well.... 

BE WELL... If we accept that our behavior and responses are our own and take that personal accountability seriously then our wellness will not be just DOING things, it will become a state of BEING. That's what we are after and what we are looking to pass on! 

Have a fantastic Day and choose well, live well, be well! 

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