Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Night fun: Sailing

Today I spent an amazing day sailing on a big, beautiful lake in Minnetonka, MN! Did you know....

  • Mn has not 10,000 lakes but 11,842 (snap!)
  • Mn has 90,000 miles of shoreline, more than California, Florida and Hawaii combined
  • Mn is the 12th largest state and the name comes from Dakota word for "sky-tinted water"

Did you know that I LOVE being on the water, that I LOVE it? LOVE. I didn't grow up on the water, boating or skiing like so many in this state, but I gravitate toward it--think about how many beach pics you see during the summer. Yeah.  

I was blessed enough to be able to volunteer twice this week, and today ALL day with a youth program at our YMCA. The kids are between 11 and 14 and are chosen to be in the program and experience so many amazing things, like going to camp and a week of sailing! The Y I work for is an inner city Y in Minneapolis, so going sailing on a large lake like Lake Minnetonka is something a lot of those kids (or myself) would otherwise never experience! 

And they actually learned the in's and out's of sailing! They did it ALL on their own today, I experienced that first hand! How COOL, I never learned something like this growing up! 

 Water shot--on the pontoon ready to do some real sailing! I didn't ever take my camera or phone on the water, the boats capsized a number of times...the kids actually loved it so would do it on purpose!  

I took plenty of water to DRINK too and I brought my own food--working hard to eat clean even away from home and work!! 

Pearls Of Wisdom from Facebook

You can't always choose the people in your boat. 
Not everyone will have your same goals
Not everyone will want to do what you want to
Some people will want to capsize the boat on purpose. Over and OVER. 
Some people will fall out and cause delays
Some people will try hard to sail by the rules
The wind doesn't always take us where we want to go

Often we have to work hard despite the wind, circumstances and people around us to reach our goals!! 

SO many life lessons were learned, a little sailing was done and a ton of fun had. I am so grateful for life's beautiful opportunities. What are YOU grateful for today? 

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