Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Whey vs. Whole foods & changing FIRST

ANOTHER week, another Wednesday! 
What a busy few days so far, I love it! The weather here has FINALLY calmed down a bit, but I am looking forward and seeing that F word around the corner.... 

Whey Protein
I have added Whey protein to my diet in a big way...whey. Er. Weigh. 

This last month, I have been making whey protein a part of my diet before or after workouts (running included) and as a quick snack. I am seeing a difference and loving it. 

Whey comes from the cheese making process and comes from the Liquid containing whey, lactose and minerals. There are a few kinds: concentrate which is not the purest form, Isolate which is more pure (90% whey) and Hydro whey the purest form and fastest absorbing. 

I have tried all three. I was using Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard Whey which I loved, but then found this Muscle milk Whey which has more protein per serving with just a stitch more fat and calories. Ideally a powder with 100-120 calories, 1-2 grams of fat and sugar just as low is your purest Whey! 

Why Whey?? 
It's a high quality complete protein with enough of all your essential amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle. It aids in muscle repair after a workout like no other source of protein can! 

Obviously we need, water, sleep and a well rounded diet with plenty of whole foods including plant and animal proteins. 

The time it takes to digest the protein in natural foods helps to burn fat, which is what we all want so don't neglect "whole food" protein.  Whey is ideal to "supplement" if you are working on building muscle mass, weight loss or just maintaining muscle.  

Building is SO hard and I know a lot of women don't want to look like the hulk, but it takes tons of work, supplements and testosterone to hulk and bulk...I have been trying to build mass since my workout change and eating clean kick. Still with my running counter acting all that muscle work, I am using whey and all kinds of whole food Protein to just KEEP what I have till I am done Marathoning for the season. 

I add Whey to water after my workouts and once during the day for a snack. I almost always get vanilla so I can throw it in a Green monster with Spinach and any other fruit and the flavor blends right in. On it's own, I toss in a little cinnamon and it tastes like a cinnamon roll, I swear it's better than the bakery!! 

Click HERE for more info on all kinds of Protein! 
Give your body what it needs and what it wants will change. 
It's not as easy as it sounds, but it works. 

I hear so often from people that they are just not hungry and don't want to eat. We have to eat! We have to eat to live, to fuel for our sport, for our heath, we have to eat to keep our hearts and blood and minds even keel and we have to eat often to keep our metabolism going strong!  

Does food get boring sometimes? Sure, ask others for new ideas! 
Wake up and start your day and find you are just NOT hungry? Eat anyway. If you just don't have the craving, it's not like your stuffed. Have a banana, some oats, toast. Just do it. 


I used to have a quote on my desk that said "Action Precedes Motivation." I do it before I FEEL LIKE IT. I run before I want to. I eat before I feel like it, I drink before I am thirsty, I love before it is expected and I am mindful of myself and others before neglect knocks on the door. 

When you give your body what it needs, what it wants will change. 
It doesn't want to eat breakfast, but It needs to eat breakfast. When you start changing, your body will change too and when you start honoring what you should do for it, it will crave what it should and what is natural. 

Do you find that Change is HARD for you or exciting?? 
What is the biggest change you have made? 

More of what makes you happy

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope your wonderful week is in FULL swing and that you are loving life! 

My weekend was great and FULL! Saturday I was invited to speak at the One Breath, One Step Prior Fat Girl event and it was a BLAST!  I spoke on Breaking Barriers in our lives and in our health and fitness. SO much of our success or failure is mindset and being consistant, which I blog about allllll the time.

The audience really makes the event! They were fun to speak to, had questions and really were engaging. 

The amazing group of women--all working on goals and all on a healthiness journey! Jen spoke on relationships and the impact that our healthiness journey can have on our closest friends, family and signifigant others. Often, a change in our goals or behavior can put a strain on that relationship because it changes the foundations. 

Have you ever lost a friend or had a strained relationship because of your choices to be healthy, get healthy or change your lifestyle? 

The Long Run!
For me was not as long as it needed to be, but it felt good! I got a call from Ann who ran Honolulu Marathon with me and we met up with a few other girls training for Twin Cities! It was SO fun to run with a group of girls, I am bad about being social with my running which I miss! Here is Marie and I goofing at the end of the run! 

The distance ended up being about 10 miles and a some change, we ran the last part of the Twin Cities Marathon course which ends coming down the street to the state capital, it's an inspiring and beautiful finish, I am thrilled to be taking part! Wooot! Go marathon! I was running a pretty steady 9 min mile on Sunday...I need a running watch, if you use one, do you use a Garmin or a Polar?? 

Refueling after! ALWAYS a must!! 

REMEMBER: When we do what makes us happy, others will be happy too and life richer!! Find what makes you happy and DO more of it!! For me that means more consistant workouts this week and taking time to read and realx in my living room. What makes you happy? 

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