Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wellness is NOT killing your vacuum

Some days are just off. I have them, we all do. 
The kitty litter bag breaks open on your bathroom floor, the vacuum clogs, the kids destroy your new window coverings, the city decides to tear up your side walk or down your tree at your expense. We deal, of course, they are our first world problems, but when too many happen at one time, there are a few ways to avoid a mini melt-down! 

1) Breathe: 
LITERALLY take 30 seconds and take slow deep breaths in and out... imagine letting all the broken, messy, clogged up things in your life float away and remember that we are HERE for a reason. It is easy to scream, cry or kick appliances, but harder to step away, breath and remember that life is not the problems we face along the way. Open your chest, push your shoulders back and let the natural high of oxygen in your system clear away the clutter in your mind and just breathe. 

2) Kick Booty: 
Yep, if you can go kick boot-ay. Grab your running shoes and pound the pavement, kick a punching bag, take it out on your living room floor with a Tae-bo video or some Insanity....what ever is your choice of de-stressing, kicking booty fun, bust it out full force. You will take your negative energy out and turn it into momentum, you will release crazy endorphins and be able to laugh in the face of trials... you will sweat, feel strong, feel powerful and feel better. 

3) Get away! 
Get out of the house, office, or where ever you are facing your giants. Go to the lake, go to a friends house for a walk, plan a stay-cation with fun things to do right in your own city. Just don't wallow in the frustration. We can ALWAYS step away for a bit even it it means strapping Jr. into his stroller and just walking the block till you can see again. Change your scenery, change your mood, it works, believe me. 

4) Pamper: 
Get a massage, get some acupuncture, go to the spa, get your nails done, paint your toes, get to the steam room at the gym or the local pool even. Do something to pamper yourself even if it's inexpensive and small. You deserve to feel good and not let the frustrations we face pile up! 

Wellness is about the WHOLE picture working, about all parts of our life being in balance.  
Wellness is about NOT wanting to kill your kids or your vacuum or letting the mail bring you to tears. 

Take some time and take control of your own response to trials you face! Today, I had to, I am hitting the lakes for a run since the vacuum malfunctioned on me and then hit me hard in the head! 

What do you do to de-stress and feel better when you are facing a trial? 

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