Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend-Wednesday update!

This past weekend was great and the week of course starts FULL force for me as always!! It was a beautiful weekend and a LEARNING experience!! 

That is why I am JUST now catching up with a blog post! Mom was up and we started her BIRTHDAY weekend off right with a trip to church to hear Dr. Don Colbert speak on Health and stress. Dr. Colbert is the author of the book, The SEVEN Pillars of Health and many others! He is a great man of faith, a brilliant MD and wise in so many ways--I will recap his talk on Stress and sickness later on! 

Dr. Colbert! MD! 

Farmers Market! 

We turned it out at the farmers market in Minneapolis, there is a beautiful weekend one, right on the Mississippi River, near downtown and the Guthrie theater! It's FULL of good food, unique food, vendors, fresh food and FUN! Mom and I split a scoop of.... Red Beet Ice cream--it was a little rough on the tummy, but it was homemade and DELISH! It tasted perfectly like beets and one scoop was just enough, neither of us do Dairy very well or often, but what a FUN find! 

We did mani's and pedi's too--such a treat! I went with wild yellow in the blazing summer spirit! Bring on the sunshine! 

Self explanatory fun and sun and good times! 

Soul Surfer

We watched the movie Soul Surfer which is the story of Pro surfer and shark attack survivor,  Bethany Hamilton. Her story is amazing and filled with such resilience and courage. !! Her movie, the story of her life shows us that our paths may look different than the path God has for us. Bethany was on the track to being a pro surfer when she lost her arm. She went through so many trials and had to relearn SO many things, but she came out, not just OK, but better. 

Bethany on Fear! 

She became a pro surfer still, and in her own words "Can embrace more people because of her accident than she ever could with both arms." What a light in this world--she is my hero!!  Her path seemed to be cut short, or cut off, and although God didn't do that to her, he sure used it to make his great name known. 

Are we willing to EMBRACE the path that God steers us onto? 
When bad things happen and attacks of the enemy are thick, can we BELIEVE that he will work all those things out for Good?? 
Do we truely TRUST him with our lives and pray to be used?? 

We have not been given a spirit of fear, but of Power and LOVE and sound minds! Thank God for people who use all they are given to embrace others and make a difference. Watch this movie! Give the book to young women in your life--it's life changing!! 

TWO Days till RAGNAR!! 
(update on final training soon!) 

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