Thursday, August 18, 2011

ALL Ready for Ragnar & RISK

The GREAT RIVER Ragnar! race starts tomorrow!
 My team is Girls Just wanna Have FUN. And we are dressing 80's all the way! 

It's an over night relay race that is 200 miles, with 12 girls running three legs each all the way from Winona, MN to Minneapolis!

 Tomorrow is GO time for Ragnar and I am ready!! 

MY CUTE 80's running outfit from LUCY active wear! 

Our SWEET TEE's that we will wear crossing the finish line together! 

Trying to think of all we may need is a little overwhelming! Ragnar gave me a list of things and I am going off that: 
  • headlamp, rear light, reflective  vests (night running-woot!) 
  • Sunflower seeds, coconut rolled dates, carob energy nibs, bananas, apples, fuel belt, premade oats, almonds, shot blocks, electrolyte packs for water. 
  • Not pictured: hard boiled eggs and a loaf of spelt bread!

I am super excited and have never done a race like this before, I guess we ALL cross the finish line together! The rest of my team really pulled everything together and I feel a bit like I am just along for the ride, but I am thrilled, it will be a GREAT run and a great ride! AND it is counting as my 18 miler for Twin Cities Marathon Training! 


When we risk in life, it can be scary. 
Almost all risk is scary, whether its what you do in the stock market, who you date and chose to give your heart to, a race you sign up for, a job you jump into, a business you start or just trying something new. 

Sometimes I feel like I am all talk when it comes to risk! Sure I have taken some leaps, sure I have leapt with no net, but really whether or not we take big risks or small risks, it's all about NOT having regrets. 

One of my favorite men of faith says "I would rather miss it, trying to make it than not try at all." He is talking about being in God's perfect will, but that can apply to so much in life. 

We get out what we put in
 we reap what we sow
we find what we seek
 we can't regret what we haven't tried...
unless we never try at all. 

When I was becoming a personal trainer, there was about three weeks between taking my test and finding out the results. I remember telling a friend that I was almost more afraid to PASS and have to really step into a new life than I was to fail and stay in my comfort zone. 

When I passed and became a trainer, I HAD to show up, to BE a personal trainer, to get clients and to really become who I had set out to be. THAT was scarier than failing the test and finding my plan B. 

I risked and I risk still, everyday when I stand in my decisions to be the best version of me. I risk when I place my small abilities in Christs hands and say YOU are the one who makes me the best version of myself...only by your grace. 
I risk when I love others as He called me to. 
I risk when I go after my dreams, I risk when I ask to be his hands and feet, knowing that it may mean walking some where I haven't been before or reaching out to someone or something unknown.

 But it is always worth it. God gets the glory for all my risks. 

Updates to follow early next week! 

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