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Ragnar Relay Recap

Happy MONDAY!! 

Today has me facing a few challenges, but you know what, I am taking them with stride! Loving all the GOOD things that are coming down the pipeline!! 

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One week since The Great River Ragnar Relay &
here is my recap!

Our team was called  "Girls just wanna have fun" and we were an 80's theme!
There were SO many amazing names like:

I love you, but I've chosen Ragnar
Brown Chicken, brown cow
Eat my dustache
Super Karate Monkey Death Van
Your pace or mine....

Kendra was a rock star leader in our van, tackling THIS hill on the first leg. And seriously, this is a picture from the middle of it! I said over and over I would rather run 9 miles at four am than I would run this hill...funny thing, that's exactly what happened! 

Let me back up. Ragnar is 280 plus teams, 12 people per team (or 6 if you are an ultra team and insane) who rotate running 196 miles from Winona Mn, to Minneapolis. While one girl runs, the others follow her in a van and stop mid run to cheer, pass off water and be generally awesome. THEN, both van's meet up at the last 300 yards of the race and cross the line together!! It was a great, bonding experience with my van and team, all the girls rocked!! 


I love night running! It was so much fun! It was like pulling an all nighter in college!
I ran 9.2 miles about 4am, headlamp, reflective vest, glow necklaces and all... 

It was physically challenging to run and then stretch only for a few minutes and get in a van to sit. I brought quite a bit of food, the girls HATED my cold oats, but it was the perfect fuel to have in the cooler on hand! Add a little almonds and blueberries and you never would know how slimy it was, I mean how cold. ;) 

Finishing my 6.2 miles!! 

I ran most of my miles pretty fast, I didn't wear the van Garmin to track, I should have!  I paced my 6 miles at about 8 min miles though, because my stop watch said 48 min! I thought the leg was SHORT!! Aw man, what a trip. I will definitely do it again next year! I loved it!! 

Go Girls Just wanna have FUN!! 
We certainly did!! 

I counted the 20 combined miles over 30 hours as my "long" run for that weekend as anything more would be over training my body. It was hard enough as it was!! Here is a little nugget of knowledge I learned from Kendra: for every mile you RACE, you should take that many days off of hard running and training. Sounds like a great rule of thumb. Not off running entirely, but off the hard training. I like it!

Have you done a hard relay like this one or ran long distance races one right after another?? 
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