Wednesday, August 31, 2011

20 miles & a photo shoot

Hey you guys, Happ-eey Wednesday!! 

 I have to just encourage you--When you are facing a trial, a barrier, a REALLY BAD day--that is when you should stand a little taller and watch the horizon, because the bible says that God will rescue US. He's on his way, the knight on the white horse, the rescuer and redeemer! No matter how bad it is, he will come in and rescue us for his own glory! The worse it is the MORE grand the rescue, so you can be SURE he is on his way to you. Don't give up hope!! That's what LOVE does.

Ok, had to say it! My week has been great! I am loving taking life step by step and just waiting on God to help me be in the right place at the right time. Amazing things are on my plate....

20 miles
Heck yes. In my Ragnar relay shirt!

I ran my first 20 miler ( I have another one in 2 weeks) for Twin Cities Marathon training this past Sunday. IT was great!! I wore my Ragnar Relay tee and had 4 people yell out to me "go ragnar!" It was very cool. Apparently the rag-nerds are rampant around the Minneapolis lakes. 

I ran with Ann who also ran the Honolulu Marathon with me! We just did an easy 10 mile loop twice and it took JUST under 3 and a half hours, not too shabby! I am looking forward to the taper and to the RACE! ALMOST a month away.... 

JUST in case you missed it, I am raising money, again for Bolder Options of Minneapolis--and I only have 700 dollars to go before I hit my goal!! Not familiar with Bolder?? It's a Minnesota mentoring program for at risk youth and it's an amazing non-profit to be a part of!
I am aiming for that total to be in place by marathon start date--So, I am asking you..... 

I ran 20 miles, will you give 20 dollars?
Get your mom to pitch in, skip a fancy coffee, check the couch and PLEASE consider donating! Click HERE to donate online!  Yep, HERE

Photo Shoot:
I had a blast on Sunday morning BEFORE the 20 miles at my first ever photo shoot...well, first fitness one! I did a beach photo shoot with the same photographer AP Skyline Photography in Minneapolis. It was so fun and a lot of work, a lot of holding and posing and smiling as I lifted and pushed and worked! Oof!! Here are just a few images: 

Hey--it's fun loving trainer and writer Mary! 
Alex at AP Skyline sure makes me look good... thanks Alex! 
Have a fabulous Wednesday and don't forget, no matter how bad it gets, the rescue is on the way! 

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