Thursday, September 1, 2011

I never do a SINGLE sit up or crunch!!

HELLO! Thursday, that only means one thing, one more day till a LONG weekend! 
What are your plans? Camping? Lake, grilling? 

The word on crunches:
You know how you see those ads and articles on how you have to NEVER do another crunch or sit up, ever again, EVER. You know those? Seen em? Do you BELIEVE them? 
Well, Let me  tell you the truth--

I NEVER do a single sit up or crunch! 
Yep. Never a single one. 

Here I am chilling with AVA Cowan and her AB-soloutely amazing abdominals... 
(IGNORE the laundry behind me) 

Nope, I usually do about 5 or 6 sets of 20
Never just a single one!  

regular crunches
ball crunches
squirmers (heel reachers) 
good mornings
bicycle crunches
Pike ups
v-ups on the floor 
v-ups on the bench
Captain chair lifts
russian twists
Medicine ball twists
oblique ball crunches
punch and crunch on core ball
toss and catch with core ball
side planks, with and with out a dip
Planks.... and SPRINTS (long distance runners insert GULP here)

Not all in the same day or at the same time, but yeah, a variety of these abdominal exercises. Lifting aggressive weights helps sculpt strong abdominals too and of course, a nice clean diet. But let me tell you...if you want a STRONG core, if you want to try and see those abs, that 6 pack, that washboard you have to WORK for it.  (Granted genetics plays a very hefty and NICE part in this. My middle will probably always be a little straight and not really whittled in...but I keep working so that what I have looks FAB !) 

Any article, trainer or website that will tell you you can get washboard abs without doing "crunches" is a dupe...there are a lot of core exercises to do, but nothing beats contracting those abdominals, with resistance if possible (weight, plate, Medicine ball, kettle bell etc). 

They call it a WORKout for a reason!! I mean, really I am no where near some of these other women out there, gym rats, fitness fanatics, cover girls, instructors, trainers etc... and it is a workout for me to be where I am. 


I love feeling strong, I love when I can lift or carry something with ease. I love when I can endure on my run, keep my breath even as I work, and not shy away from the hard workouts! I LOVE when I compare leg press weights on a second date and I can push the same pound for pound. True Story. :) 

Feeling strong is NOT about how you look either, it's ALL about how you WORK during the WORKout. When you are confident in your workout, when you do the best you can, even if you don't do what the person next to you does...that is what creates strength. 

We have all been there--right? Phoning in the workout, doing the elliptical while we zone, take the run easy, lift a little less than we did before, because well, what a day it was at the office, I'm not motivated, I am feeling down.

 NO matter what you DO, when you work at it, when you do your best, when you KNOW you gave 110% each time-- even if it's a little less than the past, that is where we gain strength inside and out. We push our selves, we practice pushing ourselves to be excellent THAT day, and each day looks different. 

I love this because then strength is not what the leg press says, it's not the speediest mile on the books, strength becomes the IRON clad will that we craft with out practice under the soft surface--IT'S OUR CORE. 

What's your FAVE ab exercise? 
What makes you feel strong INSIDE? 

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